TEAC CD-W58E 8x, flash to 12x?

It’s very annoying actually. The drive is capable of doing 12x burning, but I can find no way to burn the 12x firmware to it. It’s not compatible with MTKFLASH.

Isn’t there somebody that has hacked the TEACs firmware update for these drives, so that it does flash when you tell it to flash, rather than returning the message “No drive found”?

This story has annoyied me so much, that won’t buy TEAC again

Wo said that this drive is capable of writing DVD at 12x??

What “12x firmware” is that you speak about?

It’s not a DVD recorder. It is an old CD recorder.

It’s not that I even use this drive, but I’d really like to do this flash, because the hardware is the same as the 12x CD recorder.

I think it’s unlikely that there will be enough interest for anyone to hack the firmware utility to allow such a flash for this old drive.

Give me the tools and the manual how to hack a firmware and I will do it.
I have the same CD burner, and I am interested very much in this 12x speed… could you refeer me the links on that thing if you know some of them? you can also contact me at papak_the_papcinaNOF******SPAM@hotmail.com



Don’t you think if he had these things he wouldn’t need any help?


We suspect you could Hex-Edit the header on the binary file, and references within the EXE file.

Brother Vlad

hey i’ve spend a lot of time to find new firmware to this teac.
i hope that you gonna make this hack of firmware form cd-w513e to cd-w58e :slight_smile:


Hey guys, what happened here ? No more replys ? Did anyone tried to make a new firmware for this ? I have the same model and I would be interested in a new firmware…

Old Teac products kick ass… the new ones ain’t that good anymore… Like they say it: Oldie, but goldie :iagree:

The specific recorder is very heavy, so I suppose that it is made of quality matterial. Maybe today, creating CD recorders with quality matterial will make it expensive for the current CD-RW price standards.

Maybe so.

Returning to out problem, is someone still trying to develop some kind of firmware for this specific model of CDRW ? There are still a lot of users interested in this matter, and we would appreciate if someone would make the time to come up with a new version of firmware.

Yes, I am also interested in this firmware, if anyone would develop it… ty all

btw, can anyone give me the link for firmware modifying? I would like to take a shot to see what can I make, but I don’t have no idea what to do… any link?

Hi, another thing… if I insert a new firmware in the CD-RW which will not work, how can I repair it after? Will I need to desolder/ resolder the EEPROM back or there is a easier way?

I have a Teac CD-W58E. I got it in my Micro-Solutions Backpack Triple-Play External Writter. I’m still looking for the Micro-Solutions PN#840 “Backpack High Speed USB2 Adapter” SN#218xxxx so that I can have this external writter doing usb2.0 speeds and use it as an up to speed enclosure with other drives in it instead of the current usb1.1 cable it came with.

I don’t know much about bios programming/modding but I recently got a universal EPROM DIP programmer and should be able to program PLCC flash chips with a socket adaptor. DIPs are rectangular chips with pins on 2 sides. PLCC flash chips are squares with pins on all 4 sides.