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When we reviewed the TEAC CD-W540E drive, it was the fastest 40x recorder available at that time. In this review we will compare the TEAC CD-W552E drive to other 52x recorders and see if this drive is also a ‘speed monster’…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/review/33-TEAC-CD-W552E/](http://www.cdfreaks.com/review/33-TEAC-CD-W552E/)

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I find it hard to believe that quality Mitsui media would be that bad. Did you record at the maximum speed of the drive, or the maximum recommended speed of the media? Try it again at 16-32x. . While it is true that many recorders have a difficult time getting Phthalocyanine dyed media, when the data finally gets put on there, it will last longer.


As mentioned in the review: Mitsui/MAM-E - 48x certified - 48x write So the discs were certified for 48x recording and were also written at that speed. The TEAC simply didn’t like these discs at all. Edit, ATIP information on the used discs: Manufacturer: Mitsui Code: 97m27s58f Disc Type: CD-R Usage: General Recording Layer: Dye Type 8: Short Strategy (Phthalocyanine) Capacity: 79:59.74 703 MB
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Well… I have a Teac CD-W540E, a Teac CD-W548E and now I am going to get a Teac CD-W552E Tomorrow! The first (40X) Unit works perfectly, but the CD-W548E thrashed a month ago (only 2 months after buying it). Anyhow, I was not sure whether I should keep buying Teac units (cos the 48/16/48 unit was baaad), but this article definately eased my decision. A such great unit is a must-have!!! Actually, I don’t care very much about the drive’s incapacity of reading copy-protected audio CDs, so my opinion is that it’s not a flaw. Also, the existence of a 52X certified CD-R in the package is not really really necessary. Such media will appear more often in the next 2 or 3 months, I guess. And concerning the 24X CD-RWs, I already have bought 25 of them @ 1.5 USD per piece, so I’ll test them as soon as I get this great unit!


I hated this drive when I was using firmware 1.05. I never had problems, but it would slow down all the time when burning DAO on nero. Also I couldn’t burn above 48x as flawlessly as they say it should be here. Found 1.09 on a japaneese teac site, updated it and wow. I can burn any quality brand disk at speeds of 52x all day long even if the disk doesnt support 52x. I DO recomend that you update the firmware to 1.09, and maybe that the site re-reviews the cdrw with updated firmware.


Unfortunately TEAC asked us to send the drive back to them, so re-reviewing is out of the question. Thanks for your input though, Crystallas!


Had one of these drives for a few months now, and haddn’t considered updating the Firmware, just poped to the Teac site and the drive is now up to 1.14 and reading the changes applied, said to me that they had read this review !! e.g. CD-RW read speed up to 40x


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