Teac cd W54E revision 7.1F

I’ve been trying to find the latest firmware for my Teac cd/cd-rw burner and the only ones I can find say the last update is 1.1y. I’ve never flashed that drive before and had it for years, how can the update and my current firmware be so different. Does the end result after updating to 1.1y make the revision go above 7.1F, or am I just looking in the wrong place. I’ve flashed my lg 4163B dvd burner twice already, with no problems :confused: .

unfortunately, atlanticblue, there are no such firmware upgrades available that will update the Teac CD-W54E drive to version 7.1F.

I have an HP CD-Writer plus drive on my relative’s machine but Windows identifies it as a Teac CD-W54E drive with firmware version 1.1C. tried the 1.1Y firmware update on it and it doesnt work. the 1.1y update only works on CD-W54E drives that have firmware versions 1.1B or from 1.0A to 1.0X. see here:

if you really want your Teac CD-W54E drive updated to have firmware 7.1F, you will have to send it to Teac and have them put the latest firmware OR buy a “refurbished” CD-W54E drive that already has the 7.1F firmware.

You cannot just flash from 1.xx to 7.xx.

[QUOTE=chef;1733427]You cannot just flash from 1.xx to 7.xx.[/QUOTE]

that’s absolutely correct, chef !

The version 7.1F firmware for the Teac CD-W54E might be a “specialized” version, just like with the v1.1C revision my Teac CD-W54E drive is using and does NOT have to be flash updated. and when I took a look at the outer top edge of the drive, it said it was manufactured on November 2000.

chef, I’ve just found out that firmware version 7.1F is a badly screwed up IBM OEM version of CD-W54E firmware. Read this:
(the thread there is about 8 years old)

Quote from a poster there:

OK dudes, I know this topic pretty well, as it has caused me frustration for weeks on end. The teac w54e comes in two forms. One is the proper teac version, which will have a firmware version in the 1.1 region. The other is a IBM ruined version with firmware 7.1f. IBM have put their own firmware on the drive, and the firmware sux.
Owners of the proper teac version can download the firmware from the teac site, and the drive will be 100% clonecd compatible. The other poor mongrels, like myself, are stuck with crap firmware that IBM seem unwilling to update. If you are unlucky enough to have firmware revision 7.1f, got to www.ibm.com/support and follow the links to the message forum (aptiva model 2196). Here you will find some messages already posted about the firmware. WRITE NEW MESSAGES TO IBM, on this forum, but be slightly polite as they delete anything they don’t like.
If enough people shout, maybe we will be heard.

for those who own a CD-W54E drive with FW version 7.1F, THROW IT AWAY IMMEDIATELY AND REPLACE IT!

So its good that it even wont work… :wink: