Teac CD-W54E firmware upgrade problem

I’m try to upgrade firmware frĐžm 1.1b, but i have у message Can’t upgrade this CD-W54E. I’m try FWUPW54E02.EXE FWUPW54E03.EXE and FWUPW54E03A.EXE
But all he same - Can’t upgrade this CD-W54E.

Any Idea?https://forum.cdrinfo.pl/attachments/f2/114016d1517932755-teac-cd-w54e-98.jpg

This FW is very old. Which Operating sytem do you use? Is it attached to a USB-adapter or something`?

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Yes, I’m trying under Win98¸ check and uncheck [DMA] box. I’m try everything!
Master, Slave… Compatibile and Enhanced bios mode - all the same !

Huh, that was long time ago, no idea atm.

I remember for some purposes a ASPI-driver was needed in W98, but can´t say if needed for FW-Update.

A other problem was the IDE-driver, Via, ALi and SiS were a bit problematic, Microsoft standard-driver work mostly better

https://forum.cdrinfo.pl/attachments/f2/114084d1518015632-teac-cd-w54e-1.jpg or

Microsoft standard or intel, Aspi adptec or win98 internal - without a difference ((((( Can’t upgrade this CD-W54E.

asrock P4i65G


Native install or VM?

Native, I specifically dug up this ancient pc (Socket 478) to put on it Windows 98

Sorry, now I´m out of ideas

And I´m not sure if a update will be helpful, the CD-Rs which are support even with the update are vanished from the market long time ago

With last 1.1Y they promise support Disc-At-Once

  • Adds DAO-RAW"

You don´t have an alternative writer?

The only idea I have was an other OS, like XP.

All other things costs more money than the writer is worth

Do you use CloneCD, CDRWin, Discjuggler or something? RAW DAO isn´t necessary for burning normal data.