Teac CD-W548E: The New Allround-Burner?

Teac CD-W548E: The New Allround-Burner ???

Hardware-Test… (german language needed :slight_smile:

what`s the matter with this burner …
is here someone arround who has testet this hw jet ???
able to produce 1:1 backups of starforce
protected games (using Alcohol 120%)???

i`m very interested in this new kind of hardware :eek:

Forget about Chip. They write the same #%$# as PC-Welt, Computer Bild, and more. Just ignore them and wait for a reliable source to test it :slight_smile:


I heard, the Teac 548 is an Asus CRW 4816

We’re expecting the 52x in January for reviewing

So you just need to get a StarForce game :slight_smile:

We have a star-force demo disc if I’m right.

Looking forward to this baby too.:bigsmile: