TEAC CD-W540E problems

Hi,my first post,here goes.

Few days ago I got a few princo discs(3).They all failed to burn with the error:Illegal disc,Couldn’t perform fixation.After that I tried my cheap noname CD’s which BTW used to work before with no problem,I’ve burned at least 40 of them.I got the same error.After that I tried the slightly more expensive(but still cheap) TDK CD’s.It worked fine.I found it strange that my old noname CD’s had stop working so I updated the firmware to 1.0K.It still didn’t work.I tried again one of my TDK CD’s and to my surprise it failed to burn with the same error.I downgraded the firmware to 1.0C and even installed the burner on another Win XP freshly installed PC,still no luck.I was using Nero,but since then I’ve tried a couple of other apps(Sateira CD&DVD burner) and operating systems(Linux xCDroast) with no success.

The device reads CD’s and burns CD-RW(Verbatim) with no problems at all.

Please don’t tell me that my answer is more expensive media because it used to work with the ones I have.Let me know if any more info like a log file is needed.

Thanks in advance,

Solved,i cleaned the lense with ionized water.

It was not the cleaning that helped read here: http://forum.rpc1.org/viewtopic.php?p=103768#103768

or the short version:

So,i took your advice and updated to 1.0h and imagine what?The same problems as before,illegal disc,couldn’t perform fixation so after a great combo of foul words i realised that you were right and it was not the cleaning of the lense that helped.One other thing i did the first time besides cleaning the lense was phisicaly removing the burner(Unpluging the IDE and Power cables).So,i uninstalled Nero,powered off the PC,unplugged the burner,booted up without the burner attached,powered off again,attached the burner,booted up with the burner attached and voila,it worked like a charm.

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I found it strange that my old noname CD’s had stop working so I updated the firmware to 1.0K.
It still didn’t work.
I have never had any probs w 1.0K