Teac CD-W540E Problems

Hi all,
I’m having problems burning with my new Teac w540e drive. Whenever I burn audio CDs, there is a lot of cracking and popping in the music. When I burn video (usually DivX .avi’s), the video is very garbled up. I’m using Memorex 40x 700MB CD-Rs. I also have an old HP 4x Burner and I zero problems burning on the Memorex media with my HP burner.

Any of you have similar problems?  Did I just get a bad drive?  Is the Memorex media bad (even tho it works with my HP drive) ?

I heard great reviews about the Teac Drive so I bought it from Newegg.com but I'm dissappointed :(

I’m using Nerp 5.5 and Windows 2000 and I’ve tried burning at 40x, 32x, 24x, and 4x – same problem happens

I have nerly the same problem with that burner.

I use Nero and that version supports that burner.

When I burn a CD-RW only with 650 MB`s datas (no audio), nero takes over 50% of the CPU time while burning. When I use another burner like every Mitsumi burner, Nero CPU time is only on 5%.