Teac CD-W540E problem

I have a problem with this device.It worked ok but he just stop responding.It can`t read any of cd that I insert .Please help!!!

Hi and welcome aboard!

As your post is pretty minimal, it’s kind of hard to tell what may be wrong. I almost assume that your problems appear while running in Windows?

If so, it might be a simple software problem that you are heaving. If you’d try to boot your system from a bootable CDROM (for example, a Windows install disc), you can easiliy find out if the problem is Windows or hardware…

All you have to do is to set your BIOS to boot from the CDROM, insert a bootable CD in the drive and start your system. If it boots from the CD, you have a software problem. Otherwhise, it’s most likely hardware…

Try this and report back! :slight_smile: