Teac CD-W540E possibly firmware problem

hi everyone,
I need help. Since I updated the firmware of my writer (Teac CD-W540E v1.0K) I’ve had dma problem. When the ide-cable of writer is in dma mode it is not possible to write without errors. Actually Nero says it wrote CD successfully, but when I check data verification option, I always get an error message. It is weird. CDs are written successfully with full of errors. When I change dma to pio mode, it is ok but this time the writing speed falls incredibly. CD copy lasts 15-20 minutes on the fly (cd drives are on different cables), writing at 40x lasts 6-8 minutes (in dma mode 3-3,5 minutes). I overwrote firmware several times. I don’t know what to do now. I’ve tried all known medias: CMC, Ritek, Gigastorage, Princo… Same result. I use Celeron 1.0 GHz overclocked from 800 MHz. Thanks…

I really doubt it, because having this drive w the same FW
I’ve haven’t been experiencing any troubles like yours.

Try to flash it again. Uninstall the IDE channel.

Hello suleymansahal

Say im having the same problem as you, did you resolve your issue.


No. I’m writing CDs in pio mode. Anyway, I don’t care anymore. DVD-Writers became cheap. Soon I’ll buy a new dvd-writer probably.

I’ve got a nearly same problem: It reads CD’s only with 8x instead of higher speeds. The Highest speed i got on reading was 50X!

Hi. I have good news. Upon the post of Dil, I rearranged some things to solve the problem and it worked. I don’t know if we have the same problem but I only changed the ide-cable. Instead of a new narrow 80 pin ide-cable, I plugged an old wide 40 pin one. For one year I tried a lot of tedious things and none of them helped. I don’t know why this didn’t come to my mind before.

Still, I have this drive on USB & never had any probs whatsoever.
But I do use it extremely rarely, 'coz my Yamaha F1E is what I write with in 99,99% cases.
I sometimes use LiteOn CDRW or DVDRW, or NEC DVDRW as readers.
Nevertheless, TEAC 540 is a great and solid machine and I’m proud to having it.