Teac CD-552E or LTR-52246S




think it’s time to replace my old yamaha 2110s, would like to get a good recorder and can’t chosse from this two one CD-552E or LTR-52246S, please could you help ?

is there any affordable 3 sheeps cd-rw out there ?



What is a sheep anyway? Even if your drive has 3 sheep it still won’t be able to defeat new copyright protections popping up every month, so why don’t you just get the that does the most w/o breaking the bank? With that said, Lite-On 52246S. 52247S is out too, but check out the reviews before you buy this one.


This Teac drive is made by Asus, so any opinions that you find on the Asus would also be valid for this drive.


No question that the LiteOn will give you higher quality burns, but the Asus/Teac may have a slight edge in reading speeds.


thanks for advices


I think both drives will give you a good writing quality.

With a recent firmware TEAC does a very good job in writing quality:


I don’t have data for the later LiteOn 52246S firmware write performance, but at least the initial firmware left something to be desired:


This has more than likely improved with current firmware, but I have not comparable data for the LiteOn unit at hand.

As for DAE speed and accuracy, I believe the LiteOn to be a better drive, although there appears to be some unit-to-unit quality variance with the LiteOn models, which can “make or break” the DAE performance of the drive.


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I don’t have data for the later LiteOn 52246S firmware write performance

There’s a boat load of write performance on different media over at the media forum on this particular drive using the latest firmware.


And assuming you are not interested in speed or price, but only in quality (perfect or almost perfect backup :wink: which one would one get ?

should i go for another drive than these two ? (not dvdr)


I’ve had the Lite-On for quite a while now, and it has performed flawlessly. I’ve only taken it up to 48X because that’s the media I’ve got (Philips CDR-80 48X) but it never burns coasters unless I do something stupid. It has also worked fine with my assorted junk CD-R collection (old 4X and 16X discs).

Pros: well-built, fairly quiet, copes with anything you throw at it.

Cons: errr, 32X CD-RW is available now.