Teac burners



Are they any good? Any thoughts or suggestions?


well i have one and i’m very satisfied with it…




I have an old TEAC 4X burner (over a year old), and I’ve burned a lot of cd’s with it (> 1000), and it still works OK


you can buy a cd writer : -scsi teac 8x24x
8xwrite! 4mb buffer, so nothing can go wrong or you’re really stupid. and allows overburning. just over 250 dollars.(560,- dutch guilders)


there is no 4 buffer with Teac 8X SCSI.
Teac 8X’s buffers r 6Mb.
if u wanna buy a Teac SCSI.
Buy a Teac 6X.
It’s best and cheap CD writer.
(go to www.gamecopyworld.com))
they(gamecopy world) announced that
Teac 6X writer+Teac 32X reader is
best combination.
I have both of them
but i still have problem not with Teac
CD-writer and reader but burning programs.
I’m a newbie for burning CD rom.
I’m learning Cd copy skills.

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Yes, a Teac Burner is a good choice.

I have a Teac CD-R55S (SCSI) and it works
just great. It’s 4x12x.

About that advice you got about that Teac
6x. I don’t completely agree with that
because there not that much software out
there that supports 6x writing.

Just go with the Teac CD-R55S (if it’s still available) and you’ll be sure that
you’ll buy a good writer.

Any questions ?

mail me at: cdburn1@hotmail.com


Tha Sentinel


Does anyone know where i can buy the teac 6x24 or the 4x12 (or the 4x20 i don’t know if it exists) cheap in Holland? and does nero 4056 support it ?


Thanks all!


Can’t help you with that one, I bought my
Teac in Germany cause I couldn’t find it
anywhere here in Holland.

If I were you then I would by the 4x12x
cause 6x recording is not supperted by
popular burning software like NERO and
Easy CD Creator.

Yes, NERO 4.* supports a Teac burner. It
works just fine with me. Teac is SCSI how
ever and you will also need a SCSI adapter.
Don’t know if you have one but it should
cost something around fl 100,-. Of course
there are also more expensive adapters
but you don’t NEED an expensive one.


Tha Sentinel


Sorry to say that Tha Sentinel
is wrong about software support on a 6x writer.
Both Nero & Adaptec Easy cd creator support´s it…

I have a Teac r56s-600 and tried both proggies with success i 6x writing.



I’m GoodMan.
Who says Nero doesn’t support Teac Burners?
Use Nero
It supports Teac Burners!
Only works with Data copy.
Even if u burn 650mb for data, Nero can handle it(takes 10-12min)
Actually 1v1 copying will make a trouble with 6X.
But Data copying Perfectly works!
[My system]
Reader:Teac 32X(SCSI)
Writer:Teac 6X(SCSI)