TEAC BD-W26SS-B - Anyone ever heard of these?



I’m looking for a slot loading slim Bluray burner for a new HTPC build I’m working on. After going through the other options out there (which sadly only seems to be the UJ-225/235 unless I’m willing to drop the BD writing capabilities, which is the entire reason I want one) I came across this thing (Teac BD-W26SS-B according to the pics on the page). It looks like it might be a cousin of the BD-C26SS-A (BD read only).
While it sounds like a great slim burner, looking around the only info I can find about this drive is on the Digistor site itself. It does all the CD/DVD burning formats, as well as support for the new XL Bluray discs.
It’s worrying though that there’s no information on it. Not even Teac lists it.

Anyone got any info on them?


No info on the TEAC, but I remember there’s an Optiarc BD-5850H (Google search) that might also fit your needs. There’s no information in the way of reviews on that drive, either, BUT it’s another option, and it’s at least acknowledged on the Optiarc website :bigsmile:.


yeah, these (TEA-BDW26SSB) are kind of pricey, but you can get them here in a slimline format, or in a 5.25" slot load format:

I’m using one now and it has BDXL support and everything!


So its another clone, a slimtype Pio clone it seems.

I think the best of them is still the external slimtype from Samsung…