Teac anounces new DVD Burner

Japanese Computer news site Impress has a release on Teacs newest recorder.
Specs are:
5xDVD-RMA, 8xDVD+RW, 6xDVD-RW, 8xDVD+/-RDL, 16xDVD-/+R, 24xCD-RW and 40xCD-R.
The drive also features a Highspeed ROPC (Running OPC) which does 180 samplings/s.
They say that this drive was developed in cooperation by Teacs Desktop Drive and Slim drive (for Laptop) Teams.
Pics and text in Japanese:
Teacs spec sheet (English)

wow! :cool:

could be the new LG OEM, Kenshin probably knows

Some new info on the TEAC drive:
Impress states in a other article that Teac has for a long time now only prodeced Drives for laptops and outsourced production of 5inch drives but this new drive is built up from scratch by TEAC. So its not an OEM drive.
Impress article:

here is the spec on CDFREAKS WEBSITE:

w00t, w00t, w00000000ttttttt another drive that includes DVD-RAM writing and reading!!!

Kinky, I can choose in the near future: LG, NEC, Pioneer, Toshiba, Panasonic or TEAC.

A couple on months ago I said that we would be seeing Supermulti-drives from almost everyone by the end of the year. HP announced that was all they would be selling in their machines. Looks like things are moving along on schedule.

Not Hitachi oem. Teac W516E design + manufacture by BENQ (malaysia ?). Hope that i can get on mid July.

Yangxi> TEAC says that this drive has been made from Scratch (design) in japanese 完全自社設計 by TEAC itself. Drive is on Sale over here in Japan and i dont think it will be too long before YSS will buy and test it. But first reports say that it is manufactured in China.

Can’t wait! Bring it on!

Newest Information:
Mainchipset is Panasonic MN103SA6GSJ and AN22115A.

Will post more Information as soon as they get available

is it ? where you get this info ?

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Yangxi> Information comes from YSS HP and 2ch Forum.
Now YSS has updated his HP anouncing that he bought this drive and had a first look at it.
Info from YSS:
Mainchip is Panasonic MN103SA6GSJ
Firmware: 1.05
Made In China
TEAC design/development (PCB pattern same as older SCSI models made by TEAC)
No testing function under NERO CD SPEED
During NERO CD SPEED TEST Disc burning Drive seems to be checking disc (ROPC?)
P-CAV on 8X DVD writing
No 6x writing on DVD media
No manual Bitseting support (well at least not now)
Bitsetting on DVD+R DL (automatic bitsetting)
Writing with EAC possible
No over-reading with EAC
Buffer shows as 1419KByte (like the old Teac CD-Rs)
Shorter than PX-716
Bad handling RAW mode
Low running noise (lower than Panasonic SW-9585)
Reading of CDS200 is good (unable to mount key2 and CDS100)
Pictures of drive PCB should follow in near future


*i can’t read jp word :sad:


Here are some test results:

maxell RG03 (DR120B): http://zaibatsu.hp.infoseek.co.jp/cgi-bin/img-box/img20050702211226.png


1st are Pressed DVDs
2nd is PRODISC R04 (004)
and last one is transfer rate test on PRODISC R04 (004)

Some more Scans this time scanned with Benq drives:

I like the continuous ROPC idea even if it adds a whole minute to burn times, but if TYG02 quality scans are any indication, it doesn’t seem to work well, with 2000+ PIFs where there should be 200 or 20.

Seems that i made a mistake with some pictures so I’ll post them again:
1st pic is Test burning with Plextools
2nd is a Scan done with Plextools
3rd and 4th are scans made with Benq drives
and 5th is a Fuji TY TYG02 burned at 8x

One more pic:
Maxell RG03 burned at 8x: