TEAC... another fake TYG02?

I just bought this pack of 50 DVD-R 8x TEAC… they have TYG02 as a media code…
I tried to burn a few of them @ 4X on my Pioneer DVR-110D updated to the newest Firmware 1.41 and I tested them with DVDInfoPro 4.61…
Are these good quality tests ??
Are these fake TYG02 ??

if you could scan in a benq or liteon, it would help

try a scan a little slower, see if that improves the score

Thx for the response…
I am willing to buy a new DVD writer to make better tests… which one do u recommend??

benq 1650/5 or new liteon’s, course the liteon’s are having issues with -R burns,
but seem to do excellent with mcc 004’s.

when adding a second burner try to get one that compliments the first one

that media looks iffy

Benq 1650 do not burn MCC 004 well.


Well, some burners will have trouble with certain mids, and might burn a few mids better than others. Of course, writing quality for certain mids may be improved by better write strategies on future f/w releases. I would recommend a LiteOn 165p6s, as it burns MCC004 very well, and LiteOn seems to burn most things MCC well since the LiteOn 1693s, as that model always had insanely low PIF totals for MCC mids.

On the scans: first off, I had a Pioneer 109, and it couldn’t scan worth beans. Perhaps this model does so, but I do not know if I would trust the results. If those results are even indicative of the burn result of the media, then I’ll say the PIE total is too high for genuine tyg02, as PIE total would be ~ 12K-35K and PIF usually would at least be < 500 PIF total.

I recommend you check out the thread that refers to “brands known to be fake Taiyo Yuden,” although I do not have the link to that handy. Generally, if it is really tyg02, it will have a holographic number on the dye side that will start with GG000***, so if you don’t see that, it’s fake all right. :frowning:


My BenQ 1655 (1650 + LightScribe) burns MCC 004 very well, but it prefers SolidBurn on (for known media) and WOPC on when burning MCC 004 Made in India.

Scan with CD-DVD Speed. Apply the registry hack before.

I cannot scan with my Pioneer using Nero…
What is the registry hack ??

Look at posts #41 and #42 in this thread.

@Drage - I was tempted to answer the 1650 thing myself, but…:bigsmile:


I think I might even posted befor who made these !
Do some searches