TEAC announces their first DVD-RW writer, the DV-W50E

I just posted the article TEAC announces their first DVD-RW writer, the DV-W50E.

While checking CDRLabs.com I found a link to a press release from TEAC. In this press release they announce their first DVD-RW writer, the DV-W50E:

The TEAC DV-W50E burns DVD-Rs at 4x…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5063-TEAC-announces-their-first-DVD-RW-writer-the-DV-W50E.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5063-TEAC-announces-their-first-DVD-RW-writer-the-DV-W50E.html)

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looking at the specs, this is a pioneer A05 with a Teac badge

What a waste…! It’s not a plus drive…

why is it a waste, or is it your a + format fanboy…

Stimpy, its not as if + is any faster so why does it matter?

Isn’t the - format the one that plays in the majority of today’s DVD players anyway? I’m still confused on which version to buy. Hopefully a standard will come out in the next few months or maybe +/- will be the standard.

Obviously anyone thats done any research will see why the + format is better.If for nothing else than you can edit right on the disc without having to reburn the whole thing.It’s only a matter of time now,hopefully…:7

JJJB anyone who has done real fieldwork will know that most DVD+R discs don’t work on a PC unless it is a modern 16 speed DVD, older models only recognize DVD-R’s … About the same conclusion for older stand-alone DVD-players.

I prefer DVD- because of the price of the media and I hear more that DVD- is the one compatible with set top boxes. I had expected DVD+ to win because the special features would allow it to replace the VCR and produce a full featured hand held camcorder. I still think that the camcorder and set top recordable DVD format will inevietably determine the market and I just checked on the DVD camcorder now available at Circuit City and other stores and it uses DVD-R or DVD-RAM only. No mention of DVD+. Unless a DVD+ camcorder or set top recorder comes out pretty quick, the format won’t have long for this world. Data is already happy with DVD- and it appears that live recording is pretty happy with it too.