Teac 552E firmware update problem


I have a Teac 552E CD-Writer with 1.05 firmware version.
I tried to update to 1.14 using the firmware from Teac site.
I run the utility and in the end it tells me that the update process was successful.
After reboot when I checked the firmware version is still 1.05
I had this problem too when I tried to update to 1.09
The cd-writer is on Secondary IDE on a Ali Aladdin 5 mainboard

Do you have any idea?

Thanks you.

I have exactly the same problem. My TEAC DC-W552E with firmware 1.09 won’t update to 1.14. Same problem with firmware 1.13. I have already had lengthy email conversation with useless TEAC support, with no result. Mainboard is ASUS P4PE and CD-writer is master on secondary IDE.

My problem was resolved when I switched from Windows 98 to Windows XP.
P.S. I don’t know if this is important but the unit was installed on secondary master during firmware upgrading.