Teac 540E POS?!

Hey all, I was just wondering what some opinions are about the drive that I have? It burns fine, access time is great, blah, blah, but when it comes to game backing-up, what do you think? (I’m not sure how to post pics) I’ve gotten some pretty good looking BWA curves, but none of the burns seem to be working, not at 8x/4x BWA… What gives, could it be that this drive is just a plain old POFS for gaming?!

BTW- Is there a way to post some pics?

One more thing! Does anyone know what this error means? “Writing to CD failed: Illegal Request: Invaild Field in CDB (5:0x24:0x00)” Another thing, what should the MAX size of the file/sector steps be in TwinPeaks? This is the second time I’ve gotten this stupid error at about 93% burn!@!! All I know is trying to cloneCD this UT-2 is hassle, and I PAID for the damn game!

img code is on. this is not the newbie forum.

Stay off cafeine if you can’t handle it :slight_smile:

So , is the problem hardware or software now ?

Could you give us an enormous amount more information abot the hardware configuration which this poor writer is connected to ?

I’d say it’s a firmware problem. Maybe you tried to overburn a CD.

Sorry about the lack of info: Teac 540E (1.0H), XP 1600@1.814, 256M PC2700, A7N266C… I’ve tried Blindwrite (new) BWA-builder, CloneCD 4202, TwinPeaks, and nothing seems to work? I’ve tried burning/ripping at 4-8x, I’ve read all the CloneCD FAQ’s and stuff on SecuRom and nothing seems to work?! I’ve gotten pretty nice BWA-cures, but still no good! Could anyone suggest a solution, aside from having to possibly get a better burner? Thanks