TEAC 524E firmware DOWNGRADE

For everyone interested I modified the teac firmware upgrade to 1.0C so it can DOWNGRADE 1.0D firmware to 1.0C.

If you have a site and want to put that file online, drop me a message and I will send it to you.

By the way,
I compared 524E 1.0C and 540E 1.0C they are almost identical but the size is different: 524E = 512Kb 540E = 1MB

I wonder if there’s anybody investigating on this subject.

For everyone interested I put the firmware on a site.
So you all can download it.


This firmware il version 1.0C for TEAC CD-W524E.

The only difference with the original is that you can use this program to downgrade from version 1.0D too…

I have a external qps drive which use a teac drive inside, the firmware is shown as “QPS CD-W524E 1.5A”. So this modified the teac firmware didn’t work for me. How do you modify the firmware file?

tks. a

I just used a HEX Editor to change drive name…
The old file checked the firmware version…
Maybe you can do the same… search in all the file for the string TEAC CD-W524E and replace it with your drive name…
It will work :slight_smile: