Teac 512EB Firmware, SafeD 2

:confused: Is it true, that with my Teac 512EB and the new firmware 2.0F, I can’t copy Safedisc2 protected CDs and that I need the old Firmware 2.0B?

I copied Civ III and with this copy I can install the game, but I can’t play it.

If so, how can I downgrade to Firmware 2.0B?

Thanks for any help.

I don’t think the drive can do SD2 as it can’t do correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns.
Check here http://elby.org/CloneCD/english/cdr_t.htm
So downgrading the firmware won’t help,:Z

Yes, basically the Teac can’t burn EFM. But with the latest CloneCD version it should work. With this option it should be possible to make copies that run in any drive.

I have tried to burn Max Payne and Civ III using my TEAC 512EB (I’ve been able to downgrade to FW 2.0B) and the latest CloneCD version (amplify weak sectors) but the burned version will only run in my TEAC drive.

I can install the game using my Toshiba DVD drive, but the game won’t start with the copied CD.


try these settings
speed 4X
FES on
FEs settings:
error correction software
read retries 3
everything else of
speed max
AWS on
dont close… on
everything else off