TEAC 224e CD-rom (Hardware Hack ?)

Hi all,

I have a Teac 224e slimline cdrom which I would like to use as an internal drive on my Amiga 1200. The problem I am having is that the drive is recognized only sometimes by the OS, mainly depending on which drive (HD or cdrom) gets to be the master.

I have come to learn that the cdrom is configured as a master and what I need to do is set it to slave obviously. As the Amiga system does not have a bios setup where you can tell it which device will be what, I need to physically make the drive a slave. As with most 3.5" cdroms, they have jumpers to make this possible, which is not the case for this drive (and most slimline drives these days).

Does anyone have an idea on how I could achieve in making the drive a permanent slave device ?


Internal 1200??
Is your 1200 in a Tower case?

Standard A1200 with internal slim line CDrom… Yep !!

It fits in an A600 ( http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=24657 ) and in an A1200 ( http://eab.abime.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=12860&d=1167325147 ).

Mh, well, even some hdds were built in the standard cases, but went HOT…

Anyway, slimline type drives are mostly problematic because of the firmware which decides about master, slave , CS etc.

Testing them out is mostly the only successful way.

What about the last post in this thread?

Hi DC33,

you will need to jump pin # 47 to 5v this will make it a slave. if you ground #47 it will be a master.