Teac 224e-a Rip Copy Protected Cd


I have a Compaq / HP Notebook nx7010 with a TEAC 224E-A DVD/CD Combo drive (slimline). The drive works ok but I’m not able to rip copy protected CD’s. Does anyone know of I can solve this problem with a firmware upgrade. If the answer is Yes, where can I find the formware.


Edit: just noticed you’re talking about protected CDs, not DVDs. Have a look around the Copy Protection and/or Audio forums, you may find an answer without updating your firmware - the subject of protected audio CDs has been discussed quite a bit! :slight_smile:

I doubt a firmware update would help you, but just ask HP/Compaq anyway.

Did you ever have a response from Compaq or HP which really helps you by this kind of problems. I only receive answers like ‘unfortunately there is no support for ripping copy-protected media’.

Lucky me, on a other forum I received a link to a firmware page witch heave a firmware for the TEAC 224E-A drive


Thanks for your help

Good luck, hope what you found helps. Although, as chef pointed out, I doubt a firmware update would help with ripping copy protected content.