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Hi everyone, for the convenience of our users, we will continue to provide video tutorial about the TDMore Products in this thread. If you have any question about our products, please fell free to contact us.:slight_smile:

To begin with, some users may encounter problem about activating the software.The following short video will tell you how to activate TDMore after purchase.

How to Activate TDMore products after Purhase


Can you imagine that a powerful DVD converter software with extremely fast processing speed to rip your DVD within 10 mins?
TDMore DVD Converter is such a brilliant DVD converter software you haven’t met before with the leading processing time in DVD conversion area beyond your imagination.
Just 10 minutes or maybe less than, you will get the digital DVD file of your expected DVD movies with excellent video and audio effect.
Here is a video tutorial of detailed process with [B]TDMore DVD Converter[/B].

[B]How to Rip a DVD disc within 10 minutes? [/B]


[B][/B]It is indisputable that iPhone 5S achieves a great success, which makes Apple In. comes into a new era in smart phone field. With this fashion and wonderful device, you must want to make full use of it, such as playing games, listening to music, watching movies and so on. In addition, if you are a DVD enthusiast, you can also watch your favorite DVD movies with iPhone 5S as long as you convert DVD to iPhone 5S.
To complete this conversion task, [B]TDMore DVD Converter[/B] is a powerful DVD ripper, which is designed to rip DVD to iPhone 5S with excellent image and sound quality.
The video tutorial will show you how to converter DVD to iPhone 5s.

[B]How to convert DVD to iPhone 5s?[/B]


Many friends get upset with the tiresome trailers or other unwanted parts in the copied files when they copy DVDs.
This time, [B]TDMore DVD Copy[/B], a powerful and flexible DVD copy software from TDMore Software can solve this problem very well.
Under its “Main Movie” mode, you can rapidly copy the longest title (main movie) only with all unwanted parts cut out.
Please watch the short video tuotial.

[B]How to Copy DVD Main Movie? [/B]


Similarly, it also happens when copying Blu-rays.
There, [B]TDMore Blu-ray Copy[/B], a powerful and flexible Blu-ray copy software from TDMore Software can solve this problem very well.
It’s very easy to operate and the output quality is very satisfactory.
The short video tutorial will tell you how it works.

[B]How to Copy Blu ray Main Movie?[/B]


[B]TDMore DVD Copy[/B] is a versatile and flexible DVD copy software equipped with many customized settings, which allows users to freely copy any specific titles to keep on the result backup. Under its Customize mode, users can copy DVDs in any way they like. Choose Customize mode from the copy mode box, then select the audio & subtitle stream, output chapters and output disc type you need. In addition, you can preview the content of related chapter before you start to copy it. Besides, you can choose to change DVD playback order, jump to the first menu or the main title when the source disc gets inserted. Now, the following tutorial will show you how to copy DVD with customized settings.

[B]How to Copy DVD Customize?[/B]


Are you looking for an easy and quick way to convert DVD to AVI files? If so, [B]TDMore DVD Converter[/B], an outstanding DVD converter software, can do this job very well. Even if you’re a DVD converter newbie, you can easily use it without any problem. Besides, you will appreciate the surprising fast speed and amazing conversion quality TDMore DVD Converter brought for you during and after the conversion process.

[B]How to Convert DVD to AVI? [/B]


The iPad Air gives off the best ever experience in games and video playback, which is purchased and beloved by plenty of people as soon as it is released. However, iPad Air doesn’t support to play DVD movies directly, so if you want to play your favorite DVD movies on iPad Air, you may need a DVD ripper to convert DVD to iPad Air first. This process would be very easy as long as you got a professional DVD ripper like[B] TDMore DVD Converter[/B]. It is very powerful yet handy, the ripped file will be produced in a very short time with original video effect kept.
Now, the following short video tutorial from youtube will show you the ripping process on how to rip and convert DVD to iPad Air with DVD to iPad Air ripper.

[B]How to convert DVD to iPad Air?[/B]


Most DVD owners choose to copy DVD discs to hard drive to make digital copies of content, so that they can collect the original DVD discs well and play them flexibly. [B]TDMore DVD Copy[/B], a new but outstanding DVD copy software among plenty of video tools in the shareware market, can facilitate users to rip the content of DVDs and copy DVDs to hard drive to prevent them being physically damaged and make the playback easier.
Now, please watch the video tutorial.

[B]How to Copy DVD to Hard Drive?[/B]


If you get stuck in the problem that you want to copy DVD but no blank discs at hand, or you just want to copy DVD to ISO for easy storage,
then, [B]TDMore DVD Copy[/B], a powerful and versatile DVD copy software is the best solution for you.
It offers you the way to copy DVD to ISO file more flexibly and professionally. The following link will show you how it works.

[B]How to Copy DVD to ISO?[/B]


Many people choose to copy DVD to PC when they make DVD copy, because it is the most simple and convenient way to store the copied files and people don’t have to prepare blank discs or hard drives as long as their computers have enough disc space. [B]TDMore DVD Copy [/B]provides users a quick and easy way to complete the copy process with excellent quality to let them play back the copied files.
The short video from youtube will show you how it works.

[B]How to Copy DVD to PC?[/B]


Do you want to appreciate a great 3D movie sight feast out of movie theater? [B]TDMore DVD Converter[/B], a new but prominent DVD converter software from TDMore Software will achieve your goal. It can convert normal 2D DVD to 3D video with the original image effect kept. Working with TDMore DVD Converter, you are able to watch 3D videos only using your 2D DVD. Please watch the video tutorial following

[B]How to convert 2D DVD to 3D video? [/B]


If you want to copy DVD full disc with fast speed and high quality in a stable and flexible way, then a new robust DVD copy software called [B][I]TDMore DVD Copy[/I][/B] from TDMore Software will be strongly recommended to let you enjoy its power and charm.

[B]How to Copy DVD Full Disc?[/B]


SP (abbreviated from PlayStation Portable), a wonderful multi-function handheld player equipped with several mainstream entertainment functions including game, music and video, is very popular as soon as it is released by Sony Computer Entertainment. Since PSP has a big viewing screen and robust multi-media capabilities, many users are keen to play their DVD movies on this device. So, they need a professional DVD ripping software suitable for this player. Thus, [B]TDMore DVD Converter[/B] with the built-in profile bank covering almost all the popular devices including PSP will be recommended for you. With TDMore DVD Converter, you can free worry about ripping your favorite DVD movies to PSP now!
Here the short video from Youtube will share you how to rip DVD to PSP with TDMore DVD Converter.

[B]How to convert DVD to PSP?[/B]


Xbox, developed by Microsoft, is more than a video game console. It also acts as a DVD player supporting watching videos. If you don’t want to bother to insert a DVD every time you’re planning to watch DVD on Xbox, then, there might be a way to solve your problem. Yes, rip your DVD to your Xbox device to enjoy the DVD movies. Then,[B] TDMore DVD Converter[/B] is what you are seeking for. It is a robust and stable DVD ripping software, which can rip DVD into all kinds of mainstream video formats for playback on almost all popular devices. Now the following video from Youtube will show you how it works.

[B]How to convert DVD to Xbox?[/B]


TS video file, famous for its outstanding video quality and image effect, is often used in many high-end players like PS3, Xbox and so on. So, when you want to enjoy the great video effect, you may need to rip your favorite DVD movie to TS format. Hence, [B]TDMore DVD Converter [/B]will offer you a best solution with its fast operating speed and high output image quality. The following video from Youtube will show you how it works, please enjoy!

[B]How to convert DVD to TS?[/B]


PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a video game player as well as media player for DVD and Blu-ray disc created by Sony Entertainment Network. So PS3 owners like you may want to rip your favorite DVD movies to it for playback without being scratched and any quality loss. Hence, [B]TDMore DVD Converter i[/B]s what you need. It is a professional and flexible DVD ripper, aims to provide users the best ripping experience with fast speed and excellent output quality. Now, please follow the video from Youtube to have a look at how to rip DVD to PS3 for playback with TDMore DVD Converter.

[B]How to convert DVD to PS3?[/B]


Kindle Fire is a new excellent Android tablet released on September, 28th, 2013 by Amazon. Its 7-inch multi-point touch screen, 1280-by-800-pixel display resolution and 16 GB storage make it an optimal choice for watching movies. Thus, many Kindle Fire owners with plenty of DVDs may want to rip their favorite DVD movies to Kindle Fire for display whenever they want. Then, with the fast ripping speed, perfect output quality and competitive price, [B]TDMore DVD Converter[/B] will be the best option for you. Now, please watch the short video from Youtube about how to rip DVD to Amazon Kindle Fire with TDMore DVD Converter.

[B]How to convert DVD to Amazon Kindle Fire?[/B]


Zune, developed by Microsoft, is a portable media player to provide high-level video and music service for Windows Phone and PC. It is great to enjoy DVD and video on Zune, so, ripping DVD to Zune is very necessary for Zune users. All you need is a professional and practical DVD ripper software, and [B]TDMore DVD Converter[/B] can satisfy you. It will rip your favorite DVDs to Zune with the original video effect kept easily and quickly.
Now, the short video from Youtube will show you how to rip DVD to Zune with TDMore DVD Converter.

[B]How to convert DVD to Zune? [/B]


HTC One M8 makes HTC Corporation onto a new stage. With its powerful hardware and engine system, it is popular as soon as it is released. If you want to watch your favorite DVD movies on this wonderful device, so easy, just convert DVD to HTC One M8. [B]TDMore DVD Converter[/B] is designed to be a professional DVD converter to convert DVD to video format compatible of HTC One M8 easily and quickly. It is reliable and stable, you needn’t worry about the operation and output video quality, cause the processing speed is extremely fast and the conversion is lossless.
The following video from Youtube will show you how to do with TDMore DVD C onverter.

[B]How to convert DVD to HTC One?[/B]