TDK's orange foot

Recently, on a small store in my area, I’ve found a weird orange TDK DVD-R 8x being sold in an “open spindle” stile. As the price of each were very good, and as they appear to be real TDK’s, I’ve bought two disks, only for testing purposes, but forget then in my backpack… :stuck_out_tongue:

So, this morning, one of them finally learn how to get in to my burner.

Media code: TYG02 :eek:

I was speechless. It was at unbranded media price level, 40% cheaper than overpriced Sony’s 16x (SONY16D1) and 25% cheaper than Memorex’s 16x (CMC MAG. AM3)…

Is it fake TDK’s with fake Taiyo Yuden code? Or is this the real thing??? :confused:

Some pictures:

Full label:

Two inscriptions: “DVD-R 8X 267” & “IFPI GP82”

I’ll call it fake MID and fake TDK

Infosmart crap I think, I’m sure pepst will be along soon to confirm.

Two inscriptions: “DVD-R 8X 267” & “IFPI GP82” doesn’t sound good already.

True Taiyo Yuden TYG02 would have a GGnnnnnn code.

100% fake
I like the design though :bigsmile:

very interesting :iagree:
How about burn quality :confused:

[QUOTE=jubjubbird;2168821]I’ll call it fake MID and fake TDK

Infosmart crap I think, I’m sure pepst will be along soon to confirm.[/QUOTE]

Yes, it is definitely a fake media, made with Must Tech’s stampers.

sounds like uber crappy media - avoid using these puppies for anything important if you have any number of them.

Well, I can’t say it was entirely unexpected… :frowning:

Fake, of course. It´s curious that this one has an acceptable finish, unlikely most cheapo/crap media out there.

Pepst, just found your “Stamper codes of fake media” great post and this one is listed there as Infosmart, as jubjubbird said, but with TY’s MID.

Sadly I don’t have a burner capable of quality testing, just a NEC/Optiarc 7200S and an old LG 4163B. :sad:

You guys are great. Thank you all for your responses. :bow:

You can do qaulity testing with your NEC/Optiarc 7200S (TRT, Benchmarks, ScanDisc and a limited form of Quality Scan) you just can’t get the depth and detail that some of us can get with BenQ DW 1600 - 1655 (Nexperia chipset) can.
LG drives can’t Quality Scan at all, and when I used a H55N it was a very slow reader too (not much use for a TRT).