TDKBLD-RBB-000 Source?

For years I have fed my Pioneer BDR-208D TDKBLD-RBB-000 and it has never had indigestion.

I went over to Media Mega Mall’s site to buy some more SmartBlu’s in White Inkjet and discovered that there are no more SmartBlu’s in White Inkjet.

Searching on the MID in google, I cannot figure out who is currently making these, and where to get them.

If they are no longer manufactured, could someone suggest a worthy substitute?

Any guidance appreciated.


Falcon/FTI unfortunately stopped making the TDKBLD-RBB-000 media. There’s still some available though.

White inkjet appears to be available here:

White thermal (not inkjet) is available here:

Hopefully this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Yes this is a help and I will order tonight. But what will we all do when the last of them are gone? Is there something of comparable quality in current production?

These are even better and cheaper. Panasonic MID and quality, and inkjet hub printable. All my burners love them.

Panasonic’s 6x BD-R discs are currently in production and should be even higher quality than the Falcon/FTI media. M-DISC BD-Rs may also be very good, but as far as I know they haven’t been studied properly yet. Both of those types of discs are quite expensive though. I chose to order as many of the Falcon Pro and Falcon Value discs as I thought I would need for several years. Who knows what might be left on the market in the early 2020s?

Edit: jadburner’s suggestion sounds very good too if those are indeed rebranded Panasonic discs. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

I am going to try the Digistors that jadburner recommended, since eventually I will be faced with finding BD-R’s other than Falcon’s.