How good is that media in general?

Is that TDK 2x DVD-RW?
Could be made in Luxembourg…
But I don’t have personal experience with this media so I can’t tell you.

…or Japan :smiley:

Probably made in japan, at least mine. I have TDK 1X(yes)/2X DVD-RW, they are nothing but good. However, I didn’t test them on newer 16X/18X drives so I can’t say anything on media compatibility.

Yeah, I got them from Japan.

I’ve used 110D to burn TDK -RWs, 111/112 (may)could as well.

Wait, TDK 2X-RW? Something like “SUPER HARD COAT”? TDK "超硬 " series is very famous in Japan. You can’t go wrong with it. :bigsmile:

I saw tdk dvd-rw 1-2x with the current blueish ScratchProof labeling in dvd-cases the other day. Didn’t pick one up though.