TDK24/10/40B..... get a 32X Liteon?

Hey All,

Yes…Im a newbie…This is a great website!!! Been reading posts all day…

I currently have a TDK24/10/40B…F/W 57S4. Should I at least upgrade this to the LTR-24103S???

I took advantage of the Staples Liteon 32X deal. It was 89.99 -$50 rebate…after tax and rebate about $47. I could only find the LTR-32123S. Now I am thinking if it was the right thing to do… I went to every electronics store to try and find a 25W but had no luck…

I started reading up on the different types of cdrws, and realized that the CAV technology is the way to go. I currently have 2 Z-CLV drives…both of which are UN-upgradeable… :a :a :a

Whats a newbie to do???



Use these updates for the TDK 24/10/40B: On OC-Freak’s Space.. They’re Lite-ON firmwares modified for use with the TDK.

Your drive is a LTR-24102B not a LTR-24103S.

thx for the info…

I have downloaded all the bin files for the 241040B


I found info on the 57s5 at the TDK website of course, but not anything else…can someone point me to what these othere different FW’s accomplish??

Also, no one gave me their insight as to weather I should get a CAV drive now or wait?? I think I am gonna take my LTR-32123S back.

people are syaing they are finding the LTR-40125W for $50 on priceline…May I ask where your getting these??? Im in the US…