TDK16x printable media/COSTCO Deal in August

Looks like Costco will be having a buy 1 get 1 free on the 50pks of TDK 16x plus and minus inkjet printable in August. Anyone have any experience with this media yet. Looks like media codes will be TTH02 and TDK003. Haven’t been able to find much by searching this forum, or the web.

In August? you know this far in advance? I will jump on the wagon for this deal

They send out a coupon book showing upcoming deals. I’ve been looking for a deal on inkjet printables, but I would like to see some quality scans of the media before I buy.

For what it’s worth - here is a scan of a printable TTG02 (8x DVD-R) written at 8x with the BenQ DW1640.

Yes I know this is the 8x version - but if they could keep the quality the same for the 16x version it’s looking good for sure.

But like most CMC Magnetics manufactured media I guess there will be some variances.

Recent TDK 16x media in the USA has been reported as “Made in Luxembourg”.
So it may not be CMC made at all :wink:

WoW!!!, that looks a lot nicer than my BenQ 1620 FW version B7V9, burning at 8X

Yes, DW1640 is noticeably better with DVD-R than DW1620.

Could you guys please tell me what all this means?? I started reading this thread, thinking you are talking about 16x dvd-r blanks media??? Is that what it is? What does the 2 graphs mean above? by printable inkjet media, what you mean by that? All confusing to me, if you guys could shed some light and knowledge my way, I would really be greatful - Thanks in Advance!



they where 8x, 100 pack buy one get one free, not 50 pack 16x

It’s $42 for 200 CMC-MAG E01 not bad for them but I was hoping for somthing better. I burned a few @ 8X in my Plextor and used my 1620 to scann them I got a score of 95 from CD Speed. Plex tools gave me worse reading but still the play fine in my DVD players…