TDK XA74 CD-RW Audio incompatible or simply crap?

I’ve just bought 3pcs of TDK CD-RW (XA74) labeled specially for audio and ‘ensures compatibility’ with most recorders in the hope that my PSX can read it.

To my dissapointment, not only my PSX can’t even see it, the first time I burn it on a Yamaha CRW8424E turns out with ‘failed’ in Nero 5.5.10. Then I used a Sony 16x10x40 to burn it thinking maybe it’s a high-speed CD-RW so the older CRW8424E can’t write on it.

Well,it did burn ok,so I erase and reburn using the CRW8424E again to see if it can burn it coz the Sony reported the disk to only burn at 4x so it’s not an HS CD-RW and it burns ok this time,but,the burned disk can’t be read by either the Sony or the Yamaha.

I thought computer CD drives are most tolerant of media but both these burners simply can’t read it back!!!

These are expensive discs costs me the equivalent of US$2.50 a piece.

According to CDRIdentifier,it’s manufactured by Plasmon.

Anyone here had any experiences with these discs?

Plus,is there any CD-RW discs that can be read by a PSX?

Thanks for any input,

It’s probably actually made by Ritek. I had some Samsung CD-RW media and CDRIdentifier said it was Plasmon, but Lite-On Smartburn said it was Ritek. It seems that these are actually made by Ritek.

I think PSX lasers are too weak to read CD-RW’s, just like the audio cd-players that were released around that time.

Also, like scottmso said, if you check with smart burn, the media will most likely be Ritek.

You should stay away from audio media since the only difference is usually that it is tagged (and identifyable by recorders that are programmed to only burn on it), and some of the purchase price is given to the recording industry to make up for lost revenue. Compatibility with audio-only recorders is probably what the packaging meant. Stick with regular (cheap) media if possible.

I don’t know what would cause it to suck so much in your other drives, though.

Thanks guys,

Anyway, I did a full erase of the disc with SuperBlank and it burns ok in the Sony CRX1611 and can be read by both it and the Yam, but when burning with the CRW8424E, it passes the burning like normal but the disc was unreadable by any other drives,sigh,I guess this is the first CD-RW disc that is not compatible with the Yamaha that I’ve tried. So I guess these actually turns out crappier than the cheaper Imation and Arita CD-RWs.

Does those normal set-top VCD players able to read CD-RWs? If so then I just might have to buy one and forget about making the PSX read CD-RWs

Most new ones do, but you should check the manual online or the box to see first.

In that case, think I should burn a VCD onto a CD-RW and bring it to test on those VCD players before buying one.