TDK vs Sony

Could you please advice me which of the following media I should buy for movie back ups:
a) TDK DVD-R 8x
b) Sony DVD-R 8x
c) Sony DVD+R 8x
The media id of the TDK discs is “TTG02”. Unfortunately, I don’t know the media id of the Sony discs, but the box is labled “accucore”. I can get the TDK discs somewhat cheaper, but the difference is small. My burner is a Sony DRU-500A.
Thank you!

TDK all the way.

if you can find any spindles of Sony DVD+R 8x that are Made in Japan…then get those…they are YUDEN000 T02…

Circuit City here (Temple, TX) has those Sonys, and they are the only ones with the MIJ on the side–they come up y000t02-00, also. Of course, for being a smaller place, maybe larger Circuit Citys in larger cities have more MIJ from Sony beyond the DVD+R 8x MIJ?

I’ve had much better success with SONY08D1 (Sony 8x DVD-R, MIT or MIJ) than TTG02 (TDK 8x DVD-R MIT).

I would only choose Yuden T02 (TY02) in Sony 8x DVD+R 50pack spindle Made in Japan, or TYG02 in TDK 8x DVD-R Made in Japan 50/100pack spindles. TTG02 is good but not as good as TY02/TYG02.