TDK Vortex Competition



Today i got this mail:

Dear ---------,

Congratulations! You are a ‘runner-up’ in the TDK Vortex competition.
Would you be kind enough to confirm your postal address by return e-mail, in
order that I can dispatch your prize.

I await your confirmation.

Best regards,

Judith James

The sender is ""

Question: Did i really win or just another silly fake :confused:



I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could poke them up the arse with a barge pole!

only if the e-mail was from TDK themselves would I possibly think about it…


You can always use a P.O. Box of course…

But you can check their website, they have a respectable portfolio (big clients):

Looks legit to me, TDK is mentioned there as well…


Wohoa, no fake, i really won something :smiley: .