TDK VeloCD Rewriter 8X4X32



Does anyone have any comments about this drive? Is it any good? I can't seem to find any comparative reviews of this product. I'm wondering if it worth purchasing or am I simply better off getting an HP9100i? There's only about a $10 difference in price.


i can tell you that it’s based on the plextor 8432 internal IDE drive, and plextor is, of course, one of the best drive makers around. plus i can see that you will get an 8x drive either way, so the HP one is also good. i believe that the hp drive supports clonecd, which you may want, but on the velocd website, they say that the audio extraction speed is really fast, if that makes a difference to you? so get whatever one you like, i would reccomend the hp in this case, since the velocd isnt PURE plextor, so it might not work in some programs that the plextor does.


Thanks for the info, I didn’t realize the Velocd was made by Plextor (the notoced the specs are identical). I saw a review of the Plextor over at PCMAG:,6755,2448917,00.html

On the VeloCD +side:

  1. The Velocd may have a better set of software packages.

  2. It may be faster at ripping audio discs but that’s not a big selling point for me.

On the HP +side:

  1. I’m not sure how well TDK is set up to support hardware drives. They primarily sell media so selling so their ability to support hardware maybe not be very good?

  2. The specs would tend to favor HP which also appears to have a 30% faster seek time 125 versus 170 ms and a 300% longer MTBF 200K versus 60K.

I think you’re right, I’m going save $10 and get the HP.


Note that Plextor is about to release firmware updates to all upgradeable writers, in order to add the RAW read/write support.

I don’t have experiences on the newest HP’s, but based on the use of 8100 and 7200 I will NEVER buy another HP or recommend buying one to anyone. Plexies are the best.



i think that HP changed everything, because i also had an older drive (ext 2x something) a long time ago, but it sucked. all the newer drives seem to be of much higher quality. go with the HP…or if you can afford it and like SCSI, go with a plextor 8x SCSI drive instead.


Just get a Plextor writer! I’m having my third writer right now (Plextor 12x) and that’s the best one I ever had. Before that I had a Phieeeelips CDD3610 (which sucked big time, like all Philips products), a Yamaha CRW4416S which was pretty good, but they are all crappy compared to the Plextor!
I wouldn’t but a HP becuase overburning is a hard thing and some cheap CDR’s got quite some problems with being read in a car cd player/cdchanger/discman (friend of mine ownes the 8100i). The TDK soundz good caused it’s based upon a Plextor. But I would go for the Plex because you never know how support will be with different programs and firmware updates. When you buy a Plex drive, you know for sure that your drive will be supported by many programs, that good support is available is for sure etc etc.
And they aren’t that expesive anymore.
By the way… never buy IDE, that’s the worst invention ever besides of the BUMA :slight_smile: