TDK VeloCD 52/24/48 - What are my firmware options?

Ok, after building a small collection of coaster trying to burn MOHAA and MOHAAS with an outdated burner, I finally broke down and bought a new one… the TDK VeloCD 52/24/48 5200B. Currently this drive is using firmware 67U2.

I just downloaded from the latest firmware 67U4. However, I noticed a post that mentions TDK VeloCD drives as rebagged LiteOn drives. Can anyone give me the skinny on this regarding the 5200B model? If this is so, what are my options for changing my firmware to one that better supports SafeDisc2 burning?

Thanks in advance for any input.

J.D. :confused:

You can flash it with any LTR-52246S firmware. I doubt that your 67U2 firmware is worse at copying disks that a real Lite-ON though. You may want to double check the method that you are using to copy the disk.

Thanks for the info…

That brings up another question then…

I have used CloneCD to make working images of MOHAA and MOHAAS. I’ve tested the images by doing an installtion and running the games after mounting them to a virtual drive either in CloneCD or Alcohol 120%. Works great this way, no problems.

However, after burning the image to CD using either programs SafeDisk2 (Alcohol) or SafeDisk 2.51 (CloneCD) profile, I end up with strange results… let me explain.


  1. Burn game image to CD with no problems. Install game with no problems. Enter game with no problems. Upon entering game and configuring controls I notice that the color scheme to select controls is not right. Black and very faint yellow, difficult to read. When I actually try to play a mission the graphics are all messed up. Again, black and faint yellow cubes with no actual color texture. You’re thinking video drivers right? …nope…read on.

  2. Ok, so uninstall and completely remove any trace of the game. Re-install from original game CD’s. Game loads and plays perfectly, no problems with texturing. If I try to start the game using the CD I burned after installing from the original CD I get a message saying to please insert the game CD into the CD drive. Huh? Isn’t the image I burned the same as the original at this point?

So, my question becomes, what exactly do I need to do in order to burn these working images correctly onto a CD so I can have working copies I can both install and play the game from?

What settings are vital considering the drive I am using to burn TDK 5200B?

Do I or do I not need AWS?

Is there possibly another firmware that will work with my drive that is better at burning SafeDisk images?

I know very little about capy protections and such. Try asking or browsing in the CD-RW Software Forums rather than here in the firmware forum :wink:

According to elby’s site, i cant real make out whether your drive is a 1 or 2 sheep burner, since it aint listed. All other TDKs are reported to be 1 sheep burners though, so it is quite possible that it also could be that.

Try searching the forums on TDK and see if you come up with any any info on your burner.

As far as the game you are trying to backup is concerned. All i can realy say is try it out yourself - in the case that you dont fnd about your burners EFM capabilities. Make a backup with the SD 2.51 AWS profile and another with the SD 2.51 no AWS profile and see which one works.

As for your texturing problems. Yes video drivers was my first thought. You say that you get these problems when you install form the backup nad play from the backup, while ou dont get it when you istall from the original and play from the original. Let me first say that i wouldnt think that this is somehow related to the games protections scheme, since this would rather cause the backup not to load at all, not load and play with texturing problems, It could be just a bad burn that cauzes errors/corrupted files during the installation. Try using better media. And since you get to load the game somehow, i guess you have managed to bypass the protection already :wink:

That was my thought as well. It seems to be a problem with the burn somehow, specially since I can install and play successfully from the image when mounted to a virtual drive.

Two things I can think of off hand. When I originally burned the CD I had AWS / EFM turned on… I don’t think I need this with my drive. Also, I was burning at MAX speed. I trimmed that down to 8X.

So far this seems to have worked ok.

Thanks for all the info. :bow:


When I originally burned the CD I had AWS / EFM turned on… I don’t think I need this with my drive
Oh well if you say so, i wouldnt know … just try and see

Also, I was burning at MAX speed. I trimmed that down to 8X.
No reason to do so, unless you have indications that your writer makes a lot of errors when writing at full speed or you are using crappy media. In fact it has recently come to my attention that burning < @8x with +32xburner can cauze more problems/errors than one would expect (tests made by rdgrimes and Alexnoe)