TDK VeloCD 40/12/48B

Ok I have a question about this drive, I read in a forum that this drive is made by Lite-On and the Original by Sanyo and the Sanyo have 4MB Buffer and the Lite-On based have 2MB Buffer, now, what is the best drive??? can I upgrade this to a 48X writing??? I buy this drive today the B version and in the store have both version the original and the B version, is a good opcion to change the drive for the original, because this have more buffer???

Thanks for any help.:slight_smile:

TDK VeloCD 40/12/48 B = LiteOn 40125S

All you need to know is available here

Sorry but this dont answer my question:( That is a review page and is really good review,but I need some to answer my question pls. :slight_smile:

The Sanyo version of it ( X ) you won’t be able to OC to 48x by using mtkflash

So, it’s up to you what you need - 4 MB buffer or a possibility of OC’ing

So… can I OC my B version made by Lite-On to 48X Writing with this mtkflash???:confused:

Sure, no doubts about it , since it’s LiteOn inside :wink:

I got this drive. If thats the case which firmware file do I use to do so?

Sorry if my help request may be redundant!

I just got a TDK 40/12/48B (supposedly ~ Lite-On 40125S) and would like to OC it to 48x. I have read up on using mdkflash but am not sure which BIN file to use. I am guessing I should use one of the firmware for 48125W (vs01, 02, 04 …06). Please correct me if I am wrong and which vs0’s version you suggest I should use from your experience? Thank you in advance for your input and advice… :slight_smile:

Lastly, the firmware page show both Binary and Windows options. OC requiring Binary via mdkflash only? Or can it be done via Windows .exe file as well?

I installed the firmware on my TDK lastnight and works like a charm. At first POST and Windows would see a TDK 40x12x40x (even though its a 40x12x48x). I put the drive as master and applied the firmware for the LTR 48125s and now Post and Windows sees a LiteOn LTR 48125s drive.

I was able to burn at 48x last night. Took 2:09 to burn a 55minute audio cd.

Best $39 I spent!

You’ll have better luck using the DOS base firmware hacking. Windows doesn’t always work.

I figured it out shortly after the post, thanks for the reply. I used the 2 floppies method, because the single DOS bootup floppy does not have enough space to backup the originial BIN file. Everything work like a charm, as you’ve stated! Windows recognizes the drive as Lite-On LTR 48125W, and all my burning softwares also worked fine. True, a great bargain at $40 from CompUSA.:wink:

Same here. Atleast I know someone who has a backup of the TDK firmware :slight_smile:

Where can I get the mtkflash and the correct firmware to OC my TDK 40/12/48B???


Hi !
Just try to think a little and there’s a straw to grasp at :smiley:

Thanks to OC_Freaks,

Go here to get the mtkflash(1.48) file,

Got here to get the firmware you need for oc,
get the LTR-48125W firmware from the Lite-on subdirectory

Be sure to read the FAQ at

Once you boot up with MS-DOS floppy, and use a 2nd floppy containing the mtkflash & BIN to flash, that’s it. Be patient…:slight_smile:
Be sure to follow instruction, to the very spacing, from site (A).

Good Luck,

I don’t see why it’s so ?

You can have the both mtkflash and .bin on the very same DOS diskette.

Thanks guys all of you are awesome and thanks again for your support.

One more thing, if I flash with wrong firmware or something bad happen, can I turn back with my backup firmware???

The FAQS is made for DOS, the Windows program work??? I read some post and everybody use the MKTFlash and the Binaries.

If that happens ( and we hope not ) then you simply send me a e-mail or PM ( by clicking on my “private msg” button )
and i’d send you the jumper trick explanation straight away ( as I usually do )

Good luck ! :wink:

P.S. you do need to flash it in DOS w MTKFLASH and .bin.

Forget about Windows, that’s not for you …so far :bigsmile:

Finally my CDRW is OC at 48X Writing, I made some test with a full CD 700MB and this is writing in 2:33. In 650MB maybe write less time but I dont test this yet.

This is cool now I have a Lite-On LTR 48125W:bigsmile:

Guys can you helpme one more time:bigsmile: I failed to backup my old firmware, is someone here have the same CDRW (40/12/48B) and this firmware Z7SB, pls :bow: post here or notified me, this firmware is not in CDFreaks firmware page, is strange but this is the original firmware version for my CDRW

You would rather start a new thread , kind of like FW Z7SB for TDK 401248B is WANTED !!!

Not many would see your current request if you left it like now.

You’re right, thats is a good idea. :bigsmile: