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Our friends from have wrapped up another review. This time they’ve taken a look at the TDK veloCD 40/12/48 CD-RW drive based on the popular LTR-40125S Lite-On drive:

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Can it beat the Safedisc 2.51??? if this drive does that i buying it right now… i saw it con Cotso (here in puerto Rico) at 148$ i think with a pack of cdr media…if not i stay with my yamaha 2200e 20/10/40 :7

Yup, while I didn’t come right out and say “THIS DRIVE COPIES SD 2.51!!!”, I did mention that in the review. And yes, it does.

Yawn. Still only 12x rewrite and only on special hard to get media. When they have fast rewritables and cheap media, I think CD writers will be even more popular.