TDK VeloCD 32/10/40

Hi guys…I have a question regarding TDK and their VeloCD 321040.

First of all, I’m about 99% certain that this drive is a rebadged Lite-On. The drive I have has a 2meg buffer and the front is exactly like the Lite-On 321240 reviewed over at

The firmware is X7S2 which is even similiar to the naming convention used by Lite-On and their firmwares, but it’s obviously not a Lite-On firmware.

From what I read on cdrinfo, the TDK Cyclone 321040 (for the European market) is a Sanyo drive. I’ve also read that some of the VeloCD’s are Sayno’s, but I have confirmation that this one is NOT a Sanyo (as the front doesn’t match their 32x series drives).

OK, so here’s my question. Obviously TDK has shit for support. I’d be heavily surprised if they decide to update their firmware for this drive as it would require them to tinker with it. The BIOS string is different (it reads as a TDK drive) and that’s the problem - Lite-On flashers refuse to flash onto the drive.

Anyone know how I can get around this?

Most likely you could use MTKflash and a .bin firmware file and flash it in DOS. But I’m sorry I can’t give you the bin file as I don’t have it on this computer and will be away from my own computer for the rest of this month.

Do you have any problems with the drive since you want to upgrade it? Remember that flashing it with a Lite-On firmware woids the warranty.

Voids the warranty from TDK yes, but I’d never go through them for RMA support anyway. I bought it from Best Buy with the Service Plan and will be able to easily replace it if it breaks at least 2 more times (former employee so it’s even easier) and even better they don’t check stuff like the flash revision on the drive when it’s RMA’d.

I’d actually just rather have a Lite-On because, for example, Lite-On may be adding Mount Rainier to a later firmware while TDK will sit there and twiddle their thumbs about it.

I take it MKTFlash doesn’t look at all at the BIOS strings?

At any rate, thanks for your help. If anyone has a bin for a Lite-On 32/12/40 and you want to send it my way, please email me at



Can you update after your experiment? I’d like to see if flashing a verbatim32x is a possibility.

Bobfather, did you do it?


I’m not sure but hopefully this will lead you somewhere


Well, it looks like your TDK 32/10/40 is in fact rebadged Sanyo Brainwave CRD-BP1600PN. Which means that flashing it with LiteOn’s FW is mission impossible :frowning:


Where it says 32/10/40 does it have an “X” or a “B”?

“X” indicates a Sanyo

“B” indicates a Lite-On



yes, I was right about it and here’s the proof :

…the 32/10/40 veloCD is based on the Sanyo BP1600P…

and it has “X” on the front . Unlike the latest x40 writer which has “B” …The “B” version of the drive is based on the Lite-On LTR-40125S…
… The veloCD’s we’ve looked at in the past have primarily been based on Sanyo’s designs and have had two LED’s. Because the veloCD 40/12/48 is based on a Lite-On design, it only has one LED…

So… :smiley:


hi ! Your VBT321240A is LiteOn 401248.
So, the possibility is yours !!!

Verbatim241240AL ATAPI RAW-96 Burn Proof YES
(24/10/40 Lite-on OEM)
Verbatim321240AL ATAPI RAW-96 Burn Proof YES
(32/12/40 Lite-on OEM)
Verbatim401248AL ATAPI RAW-96 Burn Proof YES
(40/12/48 Lite-on OEM)

Good luck :cool:

Sorry guys…I kinda forgot about this thread.

Here’s my experience.

First of all BoSkin, while the differences between the two models you described are correct, I had the “B” version which is in fact the rebadged Lite-On 32/12/40. I was extremely careful when buying it to look for all the details that would confirm it (aka one LED, buttons in correct places) when compared to a Lite-On.

It seems to me that a majority of the TDK Cyclone (the European version of the drive) drives were rebadged Sanyo’s while a majority of the VeloCD drives (US brand) were Lite-On’s.

I confirmed this by using MTKflash to successfully READ the firmware. MTKflash will not work if there isn’t a mediatek chipset present so this proved it. However, due to reasons that I could not figure out myself, MTKflash refused to flash the DOS firmware OC-Freak had for the 32/12/40 Lite-On. I don’t remember the exact error, but it was something about validating the firmware.

Pissed off that I wouldn’t be able to do what I wanted to do, I went back to Best Buy and returned it for an “actual” Lite-On drive (a Buslink, maybe? anyway it had “SAFEDISC” protection gloating all over it so it had to be Lite-On) that had Lite-On firmware and Lite-On BIOS strings. In fact, when I installed it, it wasn’t a Buslink, but a Lite-On. Great. I had ended up buying the 40/whatever/48 Lite-On drive because I had read all about the P-CAV stuff that was coming and it ended up being cheaper than the TDK as well as a ton more flexible in what I could do in the future.

My suggestion? Ditch your TDK’s if they aren’t copying stuff like you want them to. They are crippled by TDK’s tomfoolery and look like they can only be updated with TDK’s proprietary flashes that only come out once a decade.

I got the TDk 40/12/48B its a rebadged liteon 40125s, I downloaded Liteon 40125s windows firmware update ZS0A from Liteon’s website , i hacked it so it flashed my tdk . Now I have basically a great liteon 40125s with ZS0G P-cav writing firmware along with the cool looking tdk drive casing .


Hi ! I’m kinda curious if your good-looking TDK is CyClone or VeloCD ? I suggest it’s the latter.

Thanx !

Its a USA VeloCD 40/12/48’B’ , I love it .

I also had the 40/12/48’X’ velocd which is the sanyo made one , i hated it .

VeloCD is just the USA name for tdk drives and Cyclone is the European name , it does not mean they are different drives. The Liteon made VeloCD 401248B is the exact same thing as the Cyclone 401248B. I think the Sanyo made 401248X VeloCD is called the Cyclone 401248D in Europe.


I thought as much. Thanks , man ! That’s exactly what I needed to find out :wink:

wow, I just bought the velocd 321040B for 70 bucks…was that a good deal?
also, if it is a lite-on drive, then how could i hack the firmware updates and what write modes does it support?

tell me what firmware you have installed on the drive now then i can send you a hacked firmware .

Thanks so much!

Here is my firmware for the 321040B: X7S2

my email is

do you know what kind of lite-on drive it is specifically?
again, thanks:)

can i use the MKFLash to make my CYBERDRIVE cw058d into a liteon? can someone please let me know? i want to do it too. or can i use the MKFLASH To update the firmware cw078d which is 40x into mine and would it work?
thnx you.

dtevol and jb0395,

I have that same drive with the same firmware X7S2. Could I also get the hack. My email address is


what speed have you guys been able to o/c it to…40X I assume