TDK undresses Blu-ray discs

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Because of the higher data density, Blu-ray discs needed to be protected with cartridges. Heise reports, that by joining the Blu-ray Disc Founders, TDK have given their Hard…

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I’m a pro cartrige kind of guy. I’d rather pay the extra $.25 so that I can be sure my disc will NEVER get scratched. I treat my discs like gold but when you have kids in the mix or loan discs to friends/family, it doesn’t matter how good you treat your discs. IMHO companies only want cart free discs because they can increase their profits. I’d rather they pass the pocket change difference on to the consumer. Think carts can’t work properly or prevent you from cleaning dust off of the disc? Then check out MDs, no dust problems and they’re well made.

I think it’s more than just profit. For me, because I have so many discs (literally a few hundred burned CDs plus a number of DVDs), being able to store them compactly is very important. And for companies that make and sell them, compact storage is important, too. Plus, if they can cut costs, the prices for consumers will fall, and they’ll be able to sell more. Yes, more profit for them, but it’s good for us, too, because it means that we get to buy more. Overall, I think that cartridges are a bit clumsy, and if they can find a way to protect the disc without a cartridge, I’d welcome it.

The whole thing of saving $$ over not providing a case type system imo doesn’t make that much sense. How much does a cartidge cost? I think that by perhaps making the enclocures (i.e. cartridges) thin it will greatly aid in many ways. I think the perfect example is MD. In terms of storage…will it be that much difference really? I mean you still need to use a spindle to hold the discs yeah? that takes up space. If you sing jewel cases for each disc…:stuck_out_tongue: The storage issue imo isn’t reall an issue and neither is the cost. Add to that the fact that the discs last much much longer…go cartridge!

cartridges add a “lot” to the base of the cost of the disc, relatively speaking - as well as complicate mass production. I don’t like MiniDisc’s design, btw. I’ve mentioned this before, but the shutter should cover the center hole on the back of the disc too. The current design lets in heaps of dust through this opening left laying around, just like floppies. If you’re gonna do it, do it right, otherwise just release the bare disc - as long as they’re cheap, can be cleaned from dust and spills easily, and copies can be made on cheap media, the benefits cartridges can (not necessarily do) provide are non-sellers to me. Sorry to go against the grain on this one but cartridges ain’t special to me at all - especially when it raises costs (and storage space, and weight) for little benefit. Some early CD-R drives were cartridge-based I recall. We know what happened to them. The disc and the protective ‘case’ should be 2 separate (modular) entities, not joined at the hip as standard, IMO. :X