TDK Unbranded 2x DVD-R

Hi freaks,
Does anyone have any experience with this media: ( – the last ones ({DV 3237} TDK Silver Topped Unbranded (1-2x) DVD-R).

I was wandering if they are real quality TDK and if they can be done with BenQ 1640 @8x.


By all accounts, SVP is a reputable shop.

These TDK G02 discs are (were?) most likely produced by CMC Magnetics under license of TDK. Then again, it is 2x media, so it may be old stock that’s been sitting around for a while.

If the price is good, go for it. As far as how fast it will burn on a Benq, try asking in the Benq forum.

FWIW, the TDK G02 media code does have a somewhat sordid history, in that it was faked by Princo – see here – so there may still be fake TDK 2x discs floating around. But again, I’ve heard nothing but good things about SVP, so you should be in the clear.

Depends on what it is, and it could be several different things. The early TDK codes were pretty crappy stuff. But it could also be Ritek, CMC or even TY.
TDK also once sold Maxell G02 under their brand.