TDK -TY: questionable quality

Even though I told myself that I would only buy TY directly from, I succumbed to a good deal at Compusa (yes, I know - I’m weak). I picked up 2 50pks of MIJ TDK -R. I scanned them and they were genuine TYG02. When I burned a movie and ran disc quality test, however, my smile turned to a frown.

check out this scan and let me know what you think. :a

maybe burn another and see what happens? :smiley: burned at 16x or 12x?

Here’s a second burn (8x). Looks alot better to me. Hopefully, that was the only bad disc in the bunch. I’ll burn one from the bottom of the spindle. If things look good, I’ll pickup some more spindles before work tomorrow. I think I still have a few nooks and crannies without dvd’s stuffed into them. :stuck_out_tongue:

you are supposed to scan at 8x in a 1620, I am told

well media wont always be the same, maybe u got not as good as batch as trhe last or something, but genrally ty is great, i have some that i would question as well, but then again differnt drives and differnt firmware are picky :slight_smile:

i wish u luck on ur quest for the best ty

This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Fuji is well known for having issues with their TY produced discs. It makes sense that a company that outsources their discs would have more problems as they are subjected to more handling, transportation, longer storage, ect.

yeah, my fuji ty disc’s arnt the best, but by far bad, there decent :slight_smile: most of the time in the 90’s for qulity wise