TDK TTH02 Speed?

I just bought a batch of TDK (TTH02) discs, which are labeled as being 16x discs, but it seems that all my burning software recognises the discs are being 4x max. I was just wondering what was going on here, and if I could do anything to change it?

Sounds like your burner’s firmware doesn’t recognize the media code so it is reverting back to 4x. Update your firmware.

Ok, this might sound a bit weird, but where can I download firmware for Liteon drive? If I go to and search for a firmware update there, it’ll display my drive, but won’t display any files to download. If I go to, I can see the file I need to download, but when I click on it, the page just reloads and nothing happens. No file download occurs. Is there anywhere else I can go to get the latest firmware? My drive is a SOHW-812S. (I realise that this is a 8x drive, so I will only ever be able to burn to these discs at 8x, but I should at least be able to see that they’re capable of 16x when viewing disc information, right?)

It’ll show what you are capable of burning them at, 8x. I would just go to the Liteon forum here on cdfreaks and see what firmware is best for your burner. You can also always use MediaCodeSpeedEdit to modify the firmware and change the write strategies for any media code. Do a search in the Liteon forum and read up about your particular burner.

I’d recommend running your 812S @ 832S with CodeGuys’ CG5J firmware.

Thanks, to both of you. I’ve got it working fine now :wink:

how did u get it working? i had to swap the strategy with another media type

I ended up using reptile’s suggestion and using the CG5J firmware. However, this seemed to still contain the same codes as the old firmware (the old firmware only had TTH01, not TTH02), so I had to make a few modifications myself. I used DVD Identifier to identify my TDK discs and used the media code block generated by it to add it to the CG5J firmware, using OmniPatcher, so it recognised my TTH02 discs. I guess I only really had to do the latter to get it working. Using the CG5J firmware was just an extra, unneccessary step. I bet all you’d need to do is add the disc code to the firmware to get it working.

thanks riveneye. i didn’t realise u could do that.