TDK TTG02 very bad media?



Hi, what’s others experience been like with TTG02 (TDK 8x) media? I just tested a few of these and they work really poorly with my Pioneer 108 burner.

The media scans are really bad and the playback has skips and pixelization on my home player (even when burnt at 4x). These play much worse than even Princo, I never thought TDK would sell such crap.

Do you think I just got a bad batch or perhaps they have poor compatibility with my burner? Or are they just known to be crap media?


Works ok here.

Let’s see if I could dig up my A08 and do a test with it.


Ok I just uploaded a scan. Unforunately I dont have a liteon burner so these are dvdinfopro media scans on my Pioneer108. I know these scans aren’t so accurate without a liteon burner but I still find they give a comparative quality indication (when compared with other media scanned on the same drive). This scan is much worse than typical for Princo and very much worse than I get with any of Ritek’s I’ve tried (G02 G04 & G05).

Here’s the scan. BTW This disc does not play properly in my home player, the picture breaks up quite frequently during the last one third of the movie.


I think it must be a problem with your batch.

Here are my results, TTG02 from a 25 CB of TDK 8x DVD-R written at 12x.


Speed Scan
Quality Scan
(don’t mind the quality score, it’s coz of the spikes)

My nec2510 is a bit picky with 8x burning, this turned out not too bad but clearly room for improvement.

edit: nice scan oc-freak :eek:


Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah your scans look pretty good. I’m not sure what’s going on here with this batch. I don’t think it’s a problem with my burner because normally this 108 gives me pretty good results.

I’ve got log-off now but I’ll burn a few more tomorrow and let you know the results.


Burned 300 of those so far. The first 50 went well so I bought a bunch more on sale. $18.00 for a 50 pack at Comp USA, hence the reason for buying so many. Figured I’d use them eventually. Made somewhere between 5 and 10 coasters when DVD Shrink simply froze while Nero was writing the lead-in. Acceptable loss to me. Guess I got lucky with my batch.


I burned some TTG02 media have a look :slight_smile:
I am never gonna buy those again


This is my result, at 8x, with my LiteOn 1673 JS07. So the problem is your batch.


my one spindle (25) of TDK 8x DVD-R TTG02 is very marginal at best…

i’m ABLE to burn them @ 12x in my PX716s but prefer 8x for the sake of quality. usually PoweRec kicks in and limits the speed to 8x anyway…


not a very good spindle/batch at all…


It’s very good in my book…


ya think? the 716 allows up to 12X but every disc i’ve tried at that speed turns out pretty ugly. if it burned @ 8x all the way through the end, i wouldn’t think it’s bad, but every disc in the spindle so far has caused PR to kick in and drop the burn speed.

i see that the same thing happened with your FW 1.04 burn but that held up nicely @ 12x…


You mean this one? Yeah, I’d suspect even if powerec didnt kicked in, it’s still going to be a nice scan.


yup, that’s the one…

i don’t think i can even get to 12x before PR kicks in with this spindle… :a


Ok I’ve burnt a few more samples. Remember that these are all scanned on my Pioneer 108 which usually gives results that are worse and somewhat more erratic than scans made with a liteon drive.

Anyway here’s the new scans for what they’re worth (again scanned on the pioneer 108). The second scan was quite good, comparable to what I get with my Riteks, but the third and forth scans were once more ordinary, though not quite as bad as that first scan.

First scan (as posted above)

Second Scan (much better)

Third Scan (again ordinary)

Forth Scan (much the same)


BTW, just another update about the performance of these disks. I mentioned that I had trouble playing the first disk without the picture breaking up. Well that turned out to be a little misleading, something that made me think that these disks were worse than they actually are.

What happened is that I was using the DVD to backup some mpeg files (originally made for VCD’s and SVCD’s) directly to DVD. It turns out that while my DVD player will play mpeg1 and mpeg2 (directly from files on the DVD) that it is very temperamental when doing so, particularly on the SVCD mpeg2 files. So when I burn a regular movie on these DVD’s they seem to playback fine. As do the VCD mpeg1 files but the SVCD mpeg2 files break up. It’s just something with this player and I’ve previously noticed it happen with other media too (though I had temporarily forgotten about it as it’s not something I do very often).

Not that it’s really important but just in case anyone is wondering. I have a bunch of old movies in VCD and SVCD (mpeg1 and mpeg2) format on my hard-drive, I made these ages ago before I had a dvd-burner. I’ve found that instead of burning VCD’s or SVCD’s with them that I can just copy them to folders on a data DVD and my player still plays them, so I can put 3 or 4 of these movies on one DVD like that. While these files will play directly as a raw mpeg I’ve found it works better if I use nero to create a VCD (or SVCD) to a virtual drive or iso image and then extract the actual video files (aviseq01.mp2 etc) from the image and burn them to the data DVD. The VCD files actually play ok either way but the SVCD files tend to break up and misbehave unless I do the trick of making the SVCD and then extracting the aviseq files.

Anyway I think that (playing raw mpeg2 files) is probably the main reason I was having pixelization and picture break up the other day when testing this stuff. I still dont think these discs are all that great though.


I think this media is good as well, but for my liteon, i can only burn at 6x to read back on a speedhacked 166s without bumps. PI/PO scans are good for 8x burns, but i think the laser went overdrive, so the burn darkness is a bit funny, and the 166s seems not to get over 10x … keeps kicking back even tho PI is <16 :S


Yeah I dont think this media is so bad now I’ve done some more tests. Like I said above I was somewhat led astray by the poor playback that was actually due more to a problem with my player and the mpeg format I was trying to play. lui_gough, you’d probably find that the TDK +R disks would work even better than their -R’s with your liteon burner.

Anyway, just to put to rest any ambiguity caused by me doing the previous error scans on the pioneer, here are some new scans done with a liteon 832s. The first two scans are some Ritek’s I’ve burnt recently (for reference) and the next two are the same TTG02’s whos pioneer scans were posted above (ttg02 discs 3 and disc 4 respectively).

Ritek DVD+R (g02) :

Ritek DVD-R (g05) :

TDK disc3 (ttg02) :

TDK disc4 (ttg02) :


As you say, it matters not what any player makes of the discs if the basic burns / scans are dire - if the burns / scans show greatness and any particular player has problems, that’s either a poor player or player/media incompatability. Some of the scans in this thread are awful.