TDK TTG02 Stability

I got a box of X8 TDKs just on the off chance they may have been TY. But the MID is TTG02, in clear code in the center starts MAH. Just wondering if anyone knows what the stability of these discs is like in the long term. There not going to dye out on me in 6 months and need reburning are they ??

I think they’re CMC made.

I had some back in the day, but they didn’t burn well for me from the offset, so I can’t comment on their stability. Other CMC made media has been pretty good stability-wise for me, though.

“Dye” out on you…love it :bigsmile:

Stability: most likely ok, but not anything stellar.
I used the brother disc type TTH01 (8x DVD-R) from Luxembourg and I guess they perform similarly.
But in the old days, TDK still made good media - at least compared to what it’s like now.

When you say nothing steller, what would you say there on par with ?? Im guessing not TY or Verbatim, please dont tell me G05 though .

I remember there Reflex 74 CD-rs back in the day, they was good.

The ReflexX 74 minute CD-R were mostly TDK (azo), some Taiyo Yuden and Ritek also showed up starting from the 16x days. They were wonderful! Just sad that they don’t sell the really good stuff anymore :frowning:

It’s not TY or Verbatim’s performance, and it’s not G05 either.
My Imation 8x MIL TTH01 DVD-R were rather average performance, slightly better than RITEK R03, and initial burn quality also slightly better than RITEK R03. It is excellent for non-critical data, and ok for critical data.

I have not been burning enough TDK 8x to find out more about it, but I sure do know that the older 8x MIL TDKs are much much better in terms of stability AND initial burn quality than my 16x MIT TDKs (TTH02) were.

EDIT: Those are scans of Taiwanese TTG02 burned on different drives:
Seems to be good media after all.
Enjoy reading!

My friend once had a super spindle of TTG02, and the TTG02 I’ve used has been usually good, but variable. As far as stability goes, I can tell you that my ~18 month old TTG02 discs are very stable.


Not completely sure but didn’t the 16x TDK’s use MSi (Metal Stabilized Cyanine ).

TTG02 = Is a azo based dye. It’s stable. Support however could be better a long with that the disc’s itself could be a bite more consistant.

Is TTH01 azo too?
Could be that the 16x TDKs used MSi but it looked like very deep blue, not like the TY green. I’ll prolly have to rip open one of them to see :slight_smile:

And then you still not know because colours say nothing.

Incase of TTH01 I don’t know what it is.

I had some TDK TTH01’s and they were average burn quality on my LG GSD 4120B. However this was most likely firmware related.
I would class them is the same vein as discs like CMC, Gigastorage etc. However, they are usually more expensive because of the TDK badgeing. You can get as good a disc as TDK at a cheaper price.

OK thanks for the info. Proberly will use them for temp stuff or testing then, quick curious question though, does the starting with MAH on the middle clear part of the disc mean cmc make them ?

yes. that’s the serial number and it’s a CMC one.