TDK TTG02 CMC or Yuden?

I’ve read all the info about TTG02 from TDK in this forum, but I’m totally confused. As far as I know, TTG02 means Taiyo Yuden made, but I’ve heard report that they are CMC. Which one is true ?
Somebody wants to sell me TDK DVD-R 8x. He claim it to be Yuden. The disc has greyish blue coating, and Identifier said it is TTG02. So ?

TTG02 is not Taiyo Yuden media, TYG02 is. TTG02 is TDK’s media. I don’t know if it’s all CMC-made but I think most of it is if not all. It’s good media although I’d personally say it’s a notch below TY and +R MCC media. Buy it if it’s a good deal, but I wouldn’t spend any more for it than current media such as Verbatim MCC004 that is commonly found for about $13 per 50.

Thank you. I just realized Yuden TYG02 , and not TTG02. So similar that I hardly see the difference. I think the seller also does not realize this because he claim it T. Yuden. I think I’d better stay with Verbatim because the price is exactly the same. Thanks for the clarification.