TDK TTG01 - made in Taiwan?

I’m not sure about anywhere else, but here in Australia you can get TDK white inkjet printables DVD-R’s that are coded TTG01. (Made in Taiwan)

It’s been discussed in another thread that these are now made by CMC under TDK quality control. I’ve bought a tub and they seem to burn pretty good and K-probe scans seem to be good aswell. I have found that they are not consistent from disc to disc though.

According to TTG01 were classed as 1st class media - I’m wondering if that it still aplicable?

Are TTG01’s made by anyone else and these are just cheap subsittutes?

There is TTG01 made by TDK themselves in Japan (good luck getting your hands on those aside from the Armor plated discs). Any other discs carrying the TTG01 code are suspect (not counting the TDK branded ones made in Taiwan you bought).

You also have made in Luxembourg/Luxemburg TDK disc’s.
It seems that some of the 16x disc’s which are currently sold in japan are infact made in Luxembourg.
Taiwan is still CMC. THey should have larger quality variations as TDK’s own manufactured stuff but they should still work quite decent overall.

That list isn’t really reliable. It hasn’t been actually starting on day one.
Only thing it says right is the 1st class media.(However maybe Ricohjpn should deserve to be there to.) but that’s it.