TDK Triples the Storage Capacity of CD-RW Drives

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Need to make a huge backup? Watch this. TDK today announced the introduction of the first CDRW burner which can handle 2GB of uncompressed data. This drive only costs a few cents extra but has a…

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There’s only a compatibility problem, the written CDR(W)s can only be read in the TDK burner for now.

Ahh, I was wondering that. Pity they cant be read in all cd rom drives or it’d be the ultimate back up solution. As it is however they’re still pretty good. 2 Gb disks means I’d only need 65 of them to back up my system :slight_smile:

if these mlrs could work in a normal drive, i’d buy one.

This new tech sounds really cool, even if it doesn’t work with other drives currently. 2gb is a lot of storage for a single disk. I read about the development of Multi-layered disk like 2 yrs ago in PC MAG, I think it was 2yrs. it was when DVD 3x drives were big news. They had a small article on multi-layered disk and mentioned the possiblity of going Terabyte + per disk. So it is nice to see that the technology is finally starting to show face :slight_smile:

2 gig, I think my windos directory will fit on it! Now if it will copy safedisk 2…:d

Forget Safedisk 2, got that sorted. How about Tages protection.

I think it’s something that would be great… if u want a CD burned for any drive just use it as a normal CDRW… just put it into ML mode if u want to backup lets say a VCD and play it with the drive itself… of course it’s gotta have a market or this thing won’t go anywhere…