TDK to showcase Quad-Layer 100GB Blu-ray Disc at CES 2006

I just posted the article TDK to showcase Quad-Layer 100GB Blu-ray Disc at CES 2006.

 Back in  May 2005, TDK announced  a Quad-Layer Blu-ray prototype that  features double the capacity of dual layer  Blu-ray media.  Since then, they have worked on their prototype to...
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yeah just phone ahead now to arrange the loan you will need to buy this crap

Colossal Storage will be working on a FIXED HEAD drive version having 000 ms seek and 0 ms latency times with Terabits/sec transfer rates possible with 10 terabytes on a 3.5 in disk having infinite read/writes.

it seems that inphase is asking tons of license fees as it expects holographic technology as a niche product. if i remember correctly, h-rom disk is expected to be less than 100usd. 1st gen bd player won’t be able to read quad layer disk at least last two layers; it will be very expensive as tdk is aiming for professional data backup. maybe hdd is the way to go though i hope inphase license its techology at reasonable price so that the techology will penatrate to the consumer markets

until this company delivers the prototype or proof of concept, i will bet that this is a vaporware at best if not a scam, unfortunately. if this becomes a reality in 3 to 5 years as this company claims it, then i will buy it. they claim the drive will be less than 1000usd & the replacement disk is less than 50 for 100 terabyte :r i am not an expert on quantom physics, but i don’t think changing state in atomic level isn’t trivial if nearly impossible. btw, have you read the entangled atomic particle communication ? it’s pure sci-fi. the quantom communication has been dream for many but it was only successful for very short distance not anywhere in universe. :r my conclusion: fun to read but a scam :wink:

i was taking about the colossal storage; sorry for the off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

QuadDamage take an a whole new meaning.

Wow! Now I can lose 100 g at a time with a scratch. I bet it will cost more than the 100 g hard drive they are trying to stop us from using. :X

well i prefer one of these Edited link length in order to preserve page layout.
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TDK didn’t mention their quad-layer product when I talked to them at CES.