TDK strengthens HDD portfolio – acquires two companies

We’ve just posted the following news: TDK strengthens HDD portfolio – acquires two companies[newsimage][/newsimage]

TDK Corporation announced today that its Thailand-based HDD suspension assemblies subsidiary acquired two HDD-related companies

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Hopefully, the plant is on stilts, or has moved from under the earthen dams. Say - is Johnstown, PA still available?

And silly me - I was thinking of investing in bubble-gum futures instead. Whew! I’m glad I read this article. (I still don’t know how many gumballs I can stick in Hubby’s mane until he discovers them. What IS the recycle market for used gum? Apparently, it’s not HDD suspension systems. I thought, well, with helium and all, we might get some free balloon-animals forming on every HDD.)