TDK ships 25GB recordable and re-writable Blu-ray media



I just posted the article TDK ships 25GB recordable and re-writable Blu-ray media.

April 10, 2006TDK
'“ Exclusive Material Formulations and Manufacturing
Processes Deliver…

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they really need to bring down bd-r to sub 1usd as bd camp claimed that it won’t be difficult or expensive to manufacture the bd disks. in the time of 0.25usd/GB on hdd, 0.80usd/GB on optical disk is a crazy talk


$25 worth a scratch anyone?:B Honestly, tdk’s disks are already hardcoated and undestructible according to pr statemets. Now we’ll get 6 times less resistance(mathematically). Everything else is just a word game.


Is there a discount if purchased in a spindle of 100? :g:g:g


For the cost of 2 BD coasters, you can buy a new DVD burner.


You cant make a coster out of something you cant yet burn!!!


This is really crazy… How can they think they are going to sell such an overpriced piece of junk! You have to be mad to spend so much $$$ just to have a single disk. You can obtain the same space with 5 DVD-R spending as low as 1$…


I’m still waiting for DVD+R DL to come down :slight_smile: They waited too long and that media is dead before it even took off.


We’ll see… Maybe they just have to take off and with Blu Laser media (both Blu Ray and HD DVD) priced that high they can still have quite a success. I can bet you can fill a DVD-9 with an HD movie using your PC or mediacenter to watch it on you HDTV Ready (or not so ready) TV.