TDK ScratchProof And Sony DVD+R, Where in the UK



I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get firstly any of the TDK Scratchproof DVD’R (- or + R) or secondly Sony DVD+R in spindle cake boxes here in the UK. All i can see sells them in boxes of 10 in jewel cases and they are usually 10 for £10, i.e Too expensive).

The majority of that price is the Jewel case and i dont even use them so does anyone know of a reliable resonably priced seller of them in cake boxes of 25-100.

Thank you


#2 sell TDK Scratchproof DVD’R +&- 8x speed 87p each & + - rw 1.25 each sell sony silver & printables -r from £34.37 to £35.25 per 100 sell sony +&- £9.50 per 25 tub


Thanks but like i said the TDK’s are in boxes. You pay more for the box than you do for the disk. I just want somewhere that sells spindles of non boxed disks


Hi Anthony1uk,
i might be wrong but i believe TDK Scratchproof DVD (- or +) ar only sold in jewel cases or videoboxes.
The only scratchproof DVD available in spindles are for professionals dvd maker and so far i’ve not found any shop any where to buy this kind of disks.

Like someone already said before on you can buy the 4 kinds of TDK scratchproof dvd (-r £0.87, +r £0.87, -rw £1.25, +rw £1.19) all with videoboxes.

You can also find TDK scratchproof DVD (only -r in jewelcases at £0.92 each).

If you find a better deal, let me know :cool:


Price differences between jewel-case packaged DVD media and spindle packaged are not significant for some expensive media from Mitsubishi, Hitachi-Maxell, TDK, Taiyo Yuden, etc. Jewel cases usually cost under US$0.1 per disk. Like hardcover and paperback for books, they first release individually packaged products and then release bulk packaged ones (when there are mass demand and lower production cost is feasible.)


Anthony1uk ,

This may not help you but in the US sells the TDK scratch resistant DVD-Rs (now called Durabis) in a spindle of 100.

Imation also has some scratch resistant DVD-R (brand name Forcefield) sold in spindles of 30 also here in the US.

Maybe these 2 products will soon be available in the UK.