TDK safe for giveaways and non-crucial backups?

I’m running low on blank media so tomorrow i plan do to some shopping. I buy Verbatim media exclusively, but i think for giveaways and less important stuff it’s a little bit overkill and cheaper media would probably do the job too. And of course the CDfreak inside me is getting bored with MCC004 and he’d like something new :bigsmile:

Firstly i wanted to get some Sony DVD+Rs but then i realized that they cost just as much as the Verbies. So my remaining choices are:

  1. Imation - i personally have bad experience with the MBI ones (i had only two of them, both instant coasters), but if they are from Daxon it could be better
  2. Memorex - bad reputation on the forum, i personally never had memorex dvds so i’ve no idea what MID it could be
  3. TDK - i know this may be a complete hit or miss, some posted great scans, some compared it to Ritek G05

So is it safe to get the TDKs ? The discs will mostly store data, so standalone compatibility is not a concern, i just want the data to be retrievable with my Sammy

I should think any of those would be good for non-crucial* stuff. The Sammy is an excellent reader anyway, so if the discs do start to deteriorate you should, in theory, manage to get the data back if it’s caught early.

Of them all I’d probably go with the Memorex or Imation (the Imations I’ve had, have been CMC and MBI made, no bad experiences as such, though a few dye imperfections on the MBI ones).

  • By non-crucial, I mean stuff that you have backed up elsewhere, or don’t mind losing should the discs degrade.

A while back I went on a crusade to find cheaper media that would provide a decent burn. I figured with 10 different drives I could do so. I gave up and stuck with TY and Verbatim; even they have bad batches. The rest of the stuff was just not consistent enough and the burns were mediocre. To make it worse, I found that I could almost always get Verbatim for $15-$25 per 100 if I was patient and looked around for coupons and such. It became pointless when Verbatim was actually a lot cheaper than the junk.

I would choose the Imation MBI personally, but if you had bad experiences then it’s not a good choice of course. Those burned in my LO 1693s came out really well, full 100 disc cake no probs.

My new cheapies for giveaways (home video distribs and such) are Maxell 16x (Ritek F1). 50pk/$13.88 at samsclub yesterday. I didn’t really want to spend $$$ on a whole 100 discs so it was a good option, otherwise I would’ve ordered G05/TYG02. Not great burns but they will do the job - most discs will be under 2gb. Just a thought, good luck.

(Also, if you could post or PM me where you planned to get the Imations cheap that would be good)


Yeah I see no reason to go ‘cheaper’ as pound for pound (or pick your own denomination) there’s not a great deal in it anymore. There’s only two non TY or MCC discs I’ve been reasonably happy with. They were 8x Datawrite Greys (fuji) from a couple of years ago and 8x eProformance (prodisc). I only got 25 each at the time and never bought any more.

I’m surprised that you can find the TDKs and Memorex cheaper than Verbatim in Europe. :confused: - online shops in UK, Luxembourg, France and Germany sell Verbatim at the same price (or sometimes cheaper) than Sony, TDK, Maxell, they’re about the same price as Memorex and Philips.

OK then, sadly Imation MBIs went downhill recently, so you’re stuck with Memorex and TDK. Sadly both have their own problems, mainly predictability of what MID and/or grade you’ll get.

See if you can find HP-branded discs and if they’re cheaper than Verbatim in your area (which I doubt). These are mostly peace-of-mind discs, mostly A-grade CMC stuff.

Please provide a link to scans or a thread about the MBIs, I’ve seen no such problems here…

If it’s true then I choose none of those. TDKs can be a nightmare, and no luck here with Memorex CMCs. Firsthand exp with both.

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Hey! BTW, my G04/05s still scan great! :bigsmile:


I was lucky enough to find a shop (actually it’s a wholesaler) where i can buy Verbies for almost the 1/2 of the regular shop price, so i have very little space to go cheaper :wink:
What bothers me is not really the price, i’m just sorry to waste those beautiful shiny and (mostly) hiqh quality Verbies for stuff i dont really need, but dont want to throw out.

Maybe i just get the Sony’s even if they cost the same. At least there’s a slight chance to get media that’s on par with the Verbs.

I have good results from Playo (from Staples) a good deal when they go on sale.

Nice job :wink:

Haha, yeah even though I mostly find verbs cheaper than cheap media, I don’t like using it for non crucial things, or for friends :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve recently found some media that’ dirt cheap, around 13 bucks per 50 in australia so I’m gonna give that a shot when I get a chance. Not sure of the MID though, I’m willing to take a chance.

As for you, you’re stuck with verb only it seems :stuck_out_tongue:

Imation, Memorex and TDK position themselves on par with Verbatim and those not in the know (which is probably 9 out of 10 consumers) will gladly pay the same as Verbatim or even more for these brands. So unless you spot a really great deal, there’s really no incentive to buy on of these. You’ll have to go looking at the very risky brands like Emtec, Intenso, Ridata,… for what you want (and enjoy the colours when scanning :bigsmile: ).

What about OPTODISC R16 DVD+R 16X ? you can find them under Samsung Pleomax or Imation MIT (sans-serif font)

It is great media but I get Panasonic TYG03 benause they are the same price :wink:

I also tried TDK media (16X DVD+R MIT) and they were Optodisc R04 and scan very well except for the high PIEs (not higher than MCC -R media though)


I see the MID “PRODISC R04”. :bigsmile:

[end o/t]

@ molnart: If you did get the Sony discs, and they happen to not be TY media, I’d used those as my giveaway discs. With the Sony MIDs, they have solid burns [typically], although you won’t necessarily see the nearly-blank quality scans that MCC media gives. But they are long-lasting, and I’ve been very happy with all but 1 batch of both the Sony DVD+R and -R that I’ve dealt with thus far. I actually have used them as giveaways, and no complaints. :disagree:

With 16x +R Imation, you can easily find OPTODISC R16, which can burn as well as TY or Verbatim.

With 16x +R Memorex, you can find D0110 or D0127 coded RICOHJPN R03, which can burn quite decently.

I would generally avoid TDK altogether, just because their quality control and consistency has run completely off the tracks in recent years. Plus, unlike the above two brands, it is virtually impossible to know what you’re going to get.

SONY16D1 (-R) or SONYD21 (+R) is also good, but only if it’s MIJ or MIT. I would avoid the MIM until it’s been more time-tested.

RITEKF1 (-R) is nice and safe for giveaways, but you can usually find it much, much cheaper under Office Depot’s house brand. Paying regular sale price for it under Maxell’s brand is ridiculous.

And yes, I’m another one of those people who likes to have alternative kinds of media around for giveaways, because I don’t use my MIJs (MAXELL 002, SONY16D1), TYs, MCCs, MKMs, or OPTODISCs for anyone but myself.

Also, there are many situations in which you can find these alternative brands of media so cheap, that they are worth buying. There have been some insane deals in the past on Office Depot brand media, for example. The last deal I was able to get a bunch of 50-pack spindles for only $2.50 each by using a coupon. They code out as RITEKF1 (-R) and RITEKF16 (+R), which is more than decent for giveaway media. You can’t hardly buy fake HK media for $2.50 per 50 pieces. Those of us who know how to shop defy the usual rules about what’s appropriate or what’s reasonable to buy every freaking day. Pay attention to us and we’ll show you how it’s done.

Another example of very cheap but decent media is the Playo media that often goes on sale at Staples. Combine their no-postal mail Easy Rebates along with a coupon, and we mostly get the Playo media for free. It’s made in China but burns decently because of the use of fake MCC media codes. It has yet to show any quick degradation issues, so it’s also a great choice for giveaways, and once again, free is still way cheaper than the best sale on Verbatim. Why waste your real Verbies on someone else when you can just give them a free Playo? You see how we do it?

The days of easy pickin’s are over i’m afraid :doh: TY CD-R’s are still easy to get :bow:

Totally agree with the negritude Way of Thought. :iagree:

Pleomax media was available here for a short time only, then quickly vanished. Back then it was MBI made. However even the Optodisc ones burned with <50 PIF overall and 6% jitter, it still wouldn’t compensate the ugly look of this media.

About Imation: reading trough the forum it seems to me that Imation discs are from Optodisc mainly in the US, here it’s MBI (+R) or CMC (-R), more recently Daxon.

Here is what one of my crappier Optodisc scans looks like. This is an Imation branded disk burned at 8x:

As i already posted in the “What have you just bought” thread i finally went with Imation branded Daxon AZ03.

@negritude: That’s a very nice scan :clap: Has anyone spotted that MID in Europe ?