TDK (Ritek?) $7.99/100 at BB

Well with Fuji going with Prodisc as a manufacturer and the failings of some of the new Mitsui discs as of late…what are you gonna do?

The tests I seen for the new Ritek’s are impressive…and the other day I bought some TDK’s on a whim that happened to be Ritek…So…will that be one of the better alternatives for inexpensive cdr’s?

Anyway…Bestbuy has a deal…100 TDK’s, I’m just assuming they’re Ritek, for $25.99 before a $15.00 and $3.00 rebate…makes it $7.99 for 100…not bad…for everyday burning…

I’m looking for the best alternative to Mitsui for archiving…Verbatim?..Original Brand Name Taiyo Yuden?

Are these Ritek CD-R media?

The TDK’s (Ritek) I just purchased were in a 50 pack…so I don’t know for sure…

I’d mentioned I assumed they were…

Maybe someone else can confirm or deny this…

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Are these Ritek CD-R media?

Last time those were CMC.
By courtesy of lagger :

Disc Type = CDR (A+)
Manufacturer = CMC Magnetics Corporation

<< Disc Information >>
Erasable = False
Status of Last Session/Border = Empty Session/Border
Disc Status = Empty Disc
Number of First Track/RZone on Disc = 1
Number of Sessions/Borders(LSB) = 1
First Track/RZone Number in Last Session/Border(LSB) = 1
Last Track/RZone Number in Last Session/Border(LSB) = 1
Disc Identification Valid(DID_V) = False
Disc Bar Code Valid(DBC_V) = False
Unrestricted Use Disc(DRU) = False
Disc Type = Undefined
Disc Identification = 00000000h
Lead-in Start Time of Last Session = 97:26:66(61:1A:42h)
Last Possible Start Time for Startof Lead-out = 79:59:71(4F:3B:47h)
Disc Bar Code = 0000000000000000h
Number of OPC Table Entries = 0

<< Track Information >>
Number of Complete Sessions on Disc = 0

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…what are you gonna do?


I assume you’re the only one of the CDF members who’s able to see the MAM-A facility in reality,
unlike us, poor sinners.

If I were you I’d pay a visit here

and take advantage of it. :smiley:

Hey Boskin…that’s great…thanks…I knew Mitsui was near me…now I will call and see if I can’t meet with some technicians there and take a little tour…

The Springs is about 1 hour 30 minutes from me…


Originally posted by joelmon

if I can’t meet with some technicians there and take a little tour…

…or some night shift workers… :bigsmile:

I just got off the phone with MAM-A…

They don’t have “tours” per se…

She informed me that the materials and quality control has NOT changed here in the US…

She said the new 52x media will still work fine in older units…mines a 4x-8x burner(manufactured in November of 2001)…and I havent’ had problems…I told her I was worried about future problems because of some posts I’ve seen saying Mitsui has lowered their standards…

So I guess I should feel confident of their product until something proves negative…to me

I buy the 100 spindle 74 minute Mitsui’s and didn’t want to get stuck with a pile of defective discs…so …we’ll see…